What’s New for
Altium Designer 19.1

Consistent with our ongoing mission to make the best schematic and PCB design software available to all designers and engineers, the focus of development for Altium Designer 19.1 has been the further polishing of user-requested features, implementing several bug fixes, and stability improvements. And, we’re committing more software engineering resources to the ongoing improvement of Altium Designer in these areas.


As a pure-play schematic and PCB software company, we focus on improvements with every release, including making Altium Designer more stable. We measure stability in two primary ways:

  • Total number of software related interruptions (errors and access violations).
  • Total length of productive user time and efficiency.

Significant effort has been made over the past few releases to vastly improve Altium Designer’s stability, reducing the occurrence of errors and increasing productive design time, in addition to overall user efficiency.
For instance, by analytics measurement the Altium Designer 18 release statistically has 2.5X fewer interruptions than the Altium Designer 17.1 release. This trend continues to improve between Altium Designer 18 and 19.1 which delivers a further 2X improvement.
We are committed to making your PCB design experience easier, faster, more efficient, and smoother than any other EDA vendor.

Customer Submitted Issues and Enhancement Requests

While our development team monitors and addresses Bug Crunch reports daily and all support cases, we continue to invest even more resources on addressing the customer submitted bugs and Ideas. The result will be an increase in the rate at which they are resolved and the ratio of opened versus crunched/implemented will also continue to improve.

For Altium Designer 19.1 the R&D focus has been in several areas identified below. Part of this focus was applied to analyzing customer input and resolving issues reported against these functional areas:

Merge Net-Tie nets in outputs (ODB++, IPC-D-356A, IPC-2581)
  • 73 Votes
    Bug 961: NetTie netlist problem
  • 45 votes
    Bug 3738: IPC-D-356A output issues
Layer Stack Table in PCB
  • 67 Votes
    IDEA 9225: Vote to add the Total thickness when we place the Stack Layer Table
  • 45 Votes
    IDEA 3623: Add Gerber Names to the Layer Stack Table (AD14)
  • 31 Votes
    Bug 7597: Make the display of columns in Layer Stack Table selectable
  • 25 Votes
    Bug 9862: xSignal break with PCB ReAnnotation
Printout setting in PCB
  • 46 votes
    Bug 461: Board Cutouts should appear on Final Print Layers only through use control

The number votes for Bugs and Ideas Crunched and implemented in Altium Designer 19.1 is in excess of 1125.

For a complete list of Bugs Crunched and Ideas implemented, please review the Altium Designer 19.1 Release Notes. Every bug fix, idea, and release of Altium Designer is directly impacted by the feedback we receive from our customers on these platforms. Therefore, we encourage all users to continue to share their invaluable input on these platforms.

Product Enhancements and Improvements

There are also improvements in several areas of functionality, some new and others reintroducing several high-demand customer features:

Minor Improvements
  • Advanced snapping options in PCB
  • Improved Keepout representation/display
  • Selection box for components in PCB
Components Panel
  • Find Similar Component Feature
  • Ability to Mark Parameters as Favorites
  • Compare Feature available in Compact Mode
  • New Options to Hide symbols and footprints
  • Component Search Dialog Replaced by new Replace Component dialogs
Restored AD17 features
  • DXF Export for Camtastic
  • Dimensions in PCB
  • Adding CSV formatted file export to Region
  • Display Sheet
Draftsman improvements
  • X/Y Axis Scale
  • Multi-source callouts and Multiline
  • Free dimensions (Any object, Fab View)
Multiboard Improvements
  • Section view with 1/2/3 planes restored to previous behavior
  • View configuration panel restored to previous behavior
  • Settings restored to previous behavior
  • Transparency support

As you can see, we have strived to reach a balance where we are able to address specific customer issues and implement enhancement requests, improving overall software quality through increased stability while still delivering core product enhancements across a broad range of functionality.

Many of these improvements are demonstrated in the short “What’s New” videos below.
About the Altium Designer 19.1 Update

In this video, Ben Jordan talks about the Altium Designer 19.1 software update, what’s new with some features and bug fixes, and why anyone with Altium Designer should update to this latest release.

New Snapping Options

Enhanced snapping options allow for a smooth and controlled design experience for both routing and placement.

Keepout & Component Selection Redesign

Gain more control over how keepouts are displayed to get a clear view of your board.

The New Find Similar Components

Rapidly find similar components in your libraries based on specific component parameters.

Components Panel Improvements

The components panel has been improved with favorite search parameters, component comparisons, and customizable viewing options to ensure you find what you need.

Manufacturer Sheet Layer

A specified manufacturer sheet layer in your design allows manufacturer information to be included within your gerber files.

Customizable Layer Stack Table

Place and customize a layer stack table including width, text, and alignment directly in your PCB workspace.

Draftsman Updates

Utilize new scaling, dimensioning, and callout functionality to better understand and streamline your documentation.

Transparency Support

Ensure fit, form and function with Altium Designer advanced multi-board viewing features.

New Product Release - Altium Concord Pro™

Altium Concord Pro is your single source for component data, real-time sourcing information, component traceability within designs, and collaboration with your mechanical design team - all within the Altium Designer unified environment.

Learn More

Altium 365 Online Viewer -
Easily Visualize Your PCB Designs Online

We’re happy to announce that now there’s an easy way for you and any of your colleagues to visualize your Altium Designer projects on the web. With Altium 365 Online Viewer, you get Schematic, PCB, 3D and BOM right within your browser. No need to install any software — just drag and drop files and get your designs rendered in seconds. Best of all, the Altium 365 Online Viewer is completely free to use.
Learn more and start using it here - Altium 365 Online Viewer

See it in action below.