Introducing Part
Insights Experience

Access Critical Supply Chain Intelligence As You Design

With Part Insights Experience, you can create designs with real-time component supply information that is always there, always right, and always on without changing the way you work today. Focus more on your design and worry less about component availability.

Component Insights
Throughout the Design Process

Easily research
Always There

Supply chain intelligence that’s always there for you, across all phases of design.

Finally, you have component data presented in a way that is truly useful. Easily select components that meet your needs and never get caught off guard with an unavailable or obsolete part.

real-time availability
Always Right

Select the right part every time with accurate, real-time availability as you work.

Robust, real-time supply information fueled by powerful BOM tools and integrations with Octopart and IHS Markit databases run within the design experience. High-accuracy data aggregated from over 300 distributors and over a billion parts, offers a new level of confidence in part selection. Part Insights Experience can also suggest alternatives to help you make informed decisions as you design.

Design as you always have
Always On

Design as you always have. Part Insights Experience is on and ready to guide your part selection.

Part Insights Experience features blend seamlessly into your design environment so that you always have real-time supply chain insights within the design experience. There’s nothing new to learn, and there are no new tools to install. Part Insights Experience is always there and ready to assist.

supply chain image

Key Capabilities


Gather Critical Information on a Wide Range of Components

Access parts intelligence for a wide array of components, from the simplest resistors and capacitors, to the most complex devices. You can also augment your Altium experience with additional data from your own component databases.


Manage Component Availability and Production Risks

Receive production risk alerts based on component availability and end-of-life status. Easily identify BOMs that use the same components across different designs, allowing you to quickly identify supply risks across multiple projects.


Validate Component Lifecycle Before Releasing Designs

Configure soft and hard validation checks to alert or prevent design releases when there are lifecycle state changes. Use with Altium 365 for even more advanced component supply health and obsolescence management.


Bring a Purchasing Perspective to Your Engineering Choices

Receive a BOM analysis to quickly go from a parts list to a manufacturable product with the best component choices for your design. Source parts from your preferred manufacturers and distributors, monitor your BOM for shortages, and safely minimize the use of multiple distributors.


Streamline Your Design Processes With Central Libraries

Utilizing central libraries streamlines the design process and helps reduce production errors. Using Altium 365 makes setting up and maintaining central libraries easy. And it’s cloud-based for simple access by all contributors, from anywhere. Now you can efficiently find and place parts you need without interrupting your design focus.

Design with Supply Chain Confidence

Altium can help you overcome today’s global supply chain challenges.
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