PCB CoDesign:
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Make teamwork easy and effective by ensuring everyone can work together smoothly for outstanding project success.

Employ a cooperative approach to accelerate your overall PCB design process


Enhance team collaboration

With the introduction of branching, multiple engineers can work in parallel on a shared project. Gone are the days of overwriting each other's changes and/or losing your work—now everyone can get instant status updates about the server copy with the option to track and systematically merge versions.


Efficiently resolve design conflicts

With PCB CoDesign, conflict resolution is swift and straightforward. When design changes overlap, you can decide whether to keep local changes or apply the latest server version. This way, potential design conflicts can be resolved immediately, saving you a lot of extra work.


Systematically track changes

An organized tracking system simplifies the design process by categorizing each modification into distinct types, making it easier for engineers to understand them and take appropriate action. This detailed approach allows precise comparison of modifications made by different team members, eliminating any speculations.

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Key Capabilities


Effective task allocation

Eliminate the need to manually track and merge work done by different engineers. Now, each engineer can have their own designated area to work on, ensuring that tasks are clearly distributed.


Enhanced transparency and accountability

Track each change made by every designer to enhance transparency and promote accountability in the design process.


Intuitive conflict detection and resolution

PCB CoDesign detects overlaps in design changes and prompts team members to decide the course of action, thus providing an intuitive interface for conflict resolution.


Intuitive display

PCB CoDesign provides a clear visual differentiation of design versions that simplifies change identification and source tracking.


Color-coded change identification

Added items are green, modifications are orange, and removed objects are red to give engineers a quick and clear way to identify and understand PCB design changes.


Organized tracked changes

Systematically identify design differences and categorize them into distinguishable types for better comprehension and team coordination.

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