Intuitive Multi-Board
System Design

Define Complex Assemblies with Error-free System Interconnections

Intuitive Multi-Board System Design

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Product Design

Accessible Multi-Board System

Accessible Multi-Board System Design for Every Designer

Creating complex systems is streamlined with detailed signal naming between boards with built-in conflict prevention. The editors, tools, and design approaches build on the same techniques you use for single printed circuit boards, so anyone can intuitively create interconnections between existing PCB designs with minimal additional effort.

Accurate Assembly Enclosure.png

Accurate Assembly Enclosure Fit

Many modern devices consist of several circuit boards and mechanical elements carefully organized in shrinking enclosures. You can now quickly create an assembly to guarantee board placement and enclosure fit with mating and rigid-flex support. You can even export your assembly to share with your mechanical team for any enclosure modifications that are needed.

Effortless PCB Design.png

Effortless PCB Design Change Synchronization

Individual PCB changes modify system interconnections and assembly fit. The unified design environment enables straightforward identification and synchronization of any design change in every individual design and the overall multi-board system design. In a few clicks you can update the data in your multi-board project with the latest design data!


Key Capabilities


Comprehensive Board Interconnections

You never have to worry about tangled wires between boards with extensive interconnection types: direct connection, wire, cable, and harness. Efficiently create each connection type to manage unique requirements and rules for flexible circuit linking between boards while highlighting errors for fast resolution.

3D Assembly Mating.svg

3D Assembly Mating

Create physical connections between PCBs using a simple, but incredibly flexible mating functionality for absolute precision for all your designs. Simply select the objects that must be connected - and that's it! All of the assembly matings are displayed inside the Multi-board Assembly panel supporting visibility, customization, and removal if they are no longer needed.

Optimize Component Placement.svg

Optimize Component Placement

Every design has critical components and mechanical objects that define the structure of the device. The assembly editor allows you to visualize and edit the layout of the child boards in the context of the multi-board assembly! When you make layout changes, you can easily make bi-directional transfers with the ECO window, keeping projects up to date.

Assembly Fit Verification.svg

Assembly Fit Verification

Even high-precision manufacturing faces unforeseen errors. Minimize assembly fit issues on even the densest layouts with precise distance measurements between any assembly elements. The built-in collision check tool identifies conflicts between assembly objects, so you can easily consider every detail to make your design perfect.

Visualize Design Cross-Sections.svg

Visualize Design Cross-Sections

If parts of your assembly are tightly fitted and overlap each other, you may find it impossible to visualize the hidden areas. Visualization becomes harder when you add enclosure models. The assembly editor allows you define a 3D cross-section to guarantee accuracy and fit for every aspect of the system’s design.

Connectivity Verification System.svg

Connectivity Verification System

It is not easy to design an assembly with perfectly matched electrical interconnections. The Connection Manager ensures you maintain proper connection parity among all projects eliminating any potential errors. The tool displays board interconnections in a pin-by-pin manner offering resolutions to any pin conflicts. Changes can be transferred through an ECO to the individual PCB.

Active-BOM for Multi-Board Assemblies.svg

ActiveBOM for Multi-Board Assemblies

Each board in your multi-board design has a bill of materials that must be managed in the context of the system assembly. ActiveBOM aggregates all components into a single list to form a single device structure! The multi-board ActiveBOM document provides filters and up-to-date information about physical components, suppliers, component specifications, life-cycle, availability, alternatives, and more in a single place!

STEP & Parasolid Export.svg

STEP & Parasolid Export

Many multi-board designs require additional calculations in MCAD software to ensure enclosure fit. Easily export your multi-board assembly into STEP or Parasolid to consider critical mechanical details to create the perfect device.

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