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Stay Ahead of the Game With New Component Innovations

Today's advanced components often have very small pin spacings, necessitating the use of thin traces and specialized techniques like via-in-pad or blind vias. This miniaturization challenges traditional circuit design, requiring precise and innovative approaches to realize their full potential.

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Maximize Functionality Through Design

Experience the power of HDI in Altium Designer, enabling compact yet highly functional device design. This technology facilitates intricate routing and via placement, enhancing density without compromising on functionality.

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Deliver the Best Signal Quality

Altium Designer's HDI tools elevate your PCB layout with optimal signal quality. Key features include smooth routing without sharp corners, impedance control, minimal connection lengths, and strategically placed vias to reduce stubs.

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Key Capabilities

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Control Impedances

The powerful Layer Stack Manager gives you the ability to control the impedance for each transmission line to ensure the best signal quality in your HDI projects.

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Define Custom PCB Structures

HDI projects are often complex and require unique PCB structures. With Altium Designer’s intuitive Layer Stack Manager you can create any structure to satisfy your most advanced design requirements.

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Manage Your Manufacturing Materials

The material library allows you to use the materials that are right for your HDI project and are available from your manufacturer.

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Use Vias Made for HDI Projects

Specialized via types are often required in HDI projects. All kinds of transition holes from through-holes to microVias are at your disposal in Altium Designer.

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Design with HDI Routing Tools

HDI designs are supported by high-performance routing tools in Altium Designer. Automatic fanout placement, via in pad, removal of unused via shapes and more will help to increase component density and the functionality of your device.

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Adhere to Strict Design Rules

Be certain that every manufacturing requirement is met for your HDI designs. The design rule system maintains limits for clearances, conductor widths, via types, and distances between components.


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