What’s New in Altium Designer

Learn about the new features, enhancements, and important
changes introduced to the latest Altium Designer.

Ability to Change Tuning Object Layer Properties

PCB Improvments

Design of high-speed PCBs becomes easier with this latest release. Now, when you need to quickly move tuning elements to a different layer, you can do so from the Properties panel with a single click.

Auto-assign Simulation Models for Components without Models

SPICE Simulation Improvements

This latest version of Altium Designer makes schematic simulation even easier. System intelligence automatically recognizes SPICE models and assigns them to components from available sources.

Control of Paste Mask Output for Variants

Output Improvements

Output data needs to be as accurate as possible. For multi-variant designs you can now ensure that the paste mask is only displayed where it is really needed.

Quick Browsing of Parameters for a Board

PCB Improvements

Parametric information for your board is now conveniently available from the Properties panel. A single, convenient location with which to browse system, calculated and user-defined parameters, and place as needed in the form of special strings.

Multifunctional pins

Schematic Capture Improvements

You will often see that modern ICs consist of multi-functional pins. In this latest version of Altium Designer it has become far easier and much more convenient to work with such components.

Active Links in Text

Schematic Capture Improvements

You can now specify active links to components and nets within a text frame object on a schematic. This handy navigation aid makes it much easier not only to read the document, but also to work with it.

Custom Diff Pair Suffixes

Schematic Capture Improvements

Even more possibilities for creating differential pairs. Now you can use any postfixes to designate positive and negative net of a differential pair.

PCB Health Check Monitor

PCB Improvements

The condition of the PCB is under your control. A new intelligent feature that gives you confidence that your PCB is okay and complies with design rules.

Display of Alternate Component Parameters

Schematic Capture Improvements

Many schematic solutions are created as multivariant. With the new release, the schematic of multivariant project have become even more detailed and informative.

Components from Altium 365

MultiBoard Improvements

Working with multiboards has become easier and more convenient. Now you have more component sources at your disposal.

New Design Reuse Functionality

Data Мanagement Improvements

A reuse bloks help reduce development time and avoid errors. The new Design Reuse Panel and new functionality expands the possibilities for reuse blocks and snippets.

Relative Length Tuning

High-Speed Design Improvements

Designing high-speed PCB just got easier. The Length Tuning tools is now even more functionality. Complex tasks can now be solved even faster.

Enhanced UI for Via Stack Editing

PCB Design Improvements

The via editing mode is now even more convenient. Information about the via, editing its parameters and connections to polygons are now all in a new and simple, but familiar form.

Generic Components

Data Мanagement Improvements

The way from idea to real devices has become shorter. The new feature will reduce the time it takes to design a schematic.