Amplify the Power of Altium NEXUS with Digital Transformation Innovators

The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly changing the way we live our lives.  From the outside, IoT devices look sleek and simple.  But inside, they are actually increasingly small devices made up of a complex set of components, PCBs, and circuitry that presents a unique set of design and layout challenges.  These challenges would be difficult for any company to address, but even more so for companies that are new to electronics - having entered because  IoT presents an opportunity to rethink and improve business strategy.  Now, these companies must bring products to market at rapid speeds and meet increasingly tight demands - all while ensuring collected data is as valuable as possible.

NEXUS helps medical IoT companies

Time to Market

Digital connection to enterprise systems including PLM, simulation and mechanical design establishes traceability and interactivity across all processes and stakeholders

Access to reliable, real-time supply chain part information to avoid shortages and quickly find alternates for at-risk parts and suppliers

Digital simulation enables product verification and QoR prior to production - when it matters most.

Structured processes replace manual, error-prone practices to reduce costly rework and accelerate time to market

Workflows that incorporate regulatory requirements and best practices ensures regulatory compliance

Lightweight processes makes it easier to attract and hire workforce to keep up with the fast pace of innovation