Getting Started

In this video series, we will show you how to install and setup Altium Concord Pro while also looking at its different capabilities and the benefits gained in Altium Designer.

Altium Concord Pro Getting Started Overview

Walk through the main features of Altium Concord Pro in a quick introductory overview video.

Installing and Connecting to Altium Concord Pro

Learn how to download, install, and correctly connect Altium Concord Pro to Altium Designer.

Understanding Design Components

Learn how to open a project from the server, perform simple project changes, see components in the project, and register the project changes to the server.  

Component Search

Learn how to perform a component search in the Components Panel while using Altium Concord Pro to effectively host all your component libraries from Altium Designer.

Component Creation

Learn how to efficiently create components by leveraging content from Octopart including price, parametric information, and global supply chain information.

Component Validation

Learn the different component validation options used during the normal design process including validation against statuses within the local library and lifecycle information from global suppliers.

Upload Existing ECAD Designs - MCAD Co-Design

Learn how the collaboration between PCB designers and mechanical engineers works by going through the process that most Altium Designer users will encounter when uploading existing projects to Altium Concord Pro.

Bi-directional Design Changes With Altium Designer

Learn how to use an uploaded ECAD Design for bi-directional collaboration between MCAD tools and Altium Designer including the different changes available on each side and how to pass true copper geometry for models and analysis.

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