Managing Groups for Your Altium Account through the Altium Dashboard

Created: May 24, 2016 | Updated: May 29, 2023

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Selecting the Groups menu option in the main Altium Dashboard page opens the Users and Groups page of your company account view. Select the Groups tab within the page to manage the user groups in your account.

Groups are simply collections of account Users, where the settings of a group will apply to its constituent members. User Groups allow you to organize your users according to, for example, the particular section of the organization in which they are involved, or the design team they are in. The Altium licenses available to your organization can be allocated to Groups, so that the group users will have access to appropriate software licenses.

The Altium Dashboard for your organization is available to members of the Group Administrators user group. Administrators have full access to both the Dashboard and Account pages – note that the menu options will navigate between these pages.

Groups List

The page Groups tab initially presents a list of all groups for the account, where group entry includes its Name and the number of Members in that group. There are two system groups, defined by default for an account:

  • All Account Members – this group automatically includes every user in the account. If a license is allocated to this group, then any user in the account can use that license.
  • Group Administrators – this group gives administrative privileges to the members of the group. Any user who is a member of this group has the ability to make changes within the Dashboard.
The above system groups cannot be deleted or have their names changed. Like all other groups, however, you can manage user membership and license assignments for these groups.

The Dashboard's Groups tab listing includes both system and created user groups. The Dashboard's Groups tab listing includes both system and created user groups.

Select a group entry in the list to open its detailed view, which includes its members list and a range of command buttons for managing the group.

Note that there is an additional Licenses Administrators group that may be added by the system. This group is automatically created when a new license is added to your organization and the registered License Notification Contact is not a member of Group Administrators.

A special License Administrators group is created when a license contact name is not a member of the Dashboard Group Administrators.A special License Administrators group is created when a license contact name is not a member of the Dashboard Group Administrators.

Users included in the Licenses Administrators group can be removed or the group itself can be deleted. However, the group could be useful if you would like to specify a user (or set of users) that manages only licenses in the Dashboard, and not other aspects of the organization's account.

Becoming a Group Administrator

A user is an administrator for the account if they are added as a member of the Group Administrators group. Admission to this group occurs in two ways:

  • When a new license is purchased for the account, the Notification Contact for that license is added automatically to the group.
  • A user can be manually added to the group by another account administrator. In other words, a member of the Group Administrators group has the power to bestow administrator powers to another user, simply by making them a member of this group.

Group Administrators members have full control of the Dashboard settings.Group Administrators members have full control of the Dashboard settings.

Creating a New Group

To create a new group for the account, click on the button in the main group list view. Specify a group name and add user members in the following Create Group window – begin typing in the Add user field to display user names that contain those characters.

Groups are populated by adding users who have registered with AltiumLive.Groups are populated by adding users who have registered with AltiumLive.

  • Only a group name is required when creating a new group, so its constituent users may be added afterward, such as when license allocations are also being defined.
  • A User can be a member of any number of defined Groups.

Once the group's name and its members are specified, select the window's button to confirm the group creation.

Several management options are available from within a Group's page view:

  • Remove a user from the group with the button associated with a user entry – hover over an entry to access the button.
  • Remove the group itself with the button at the top (not available for system groups).
  • Add further users to the group with the button, as outlined above.

License Allocations

User access to Altium software licenses is managed by allocating one or more licenses to a user Group in the Dashboard's Subscriptions and Licenses page. The buton takes you directly to that page.

See Allocating Licenses for information on assigning license seats to a user Group.

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