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This command allows you to migrate advanced rules to basic rules from the Rules Editor. Existing rules that feature more complex query expressions in their matching scope are considered as Advanced Rules (or Custom Rules) while other simpler rules are re-expressed as the object-type Basic Rules, which are rules based on the type of design objects being checked. 


This command can be accessed from the Rules Editor by:

  • Choosing Tools » Convert » Migrate Advanced Rules to Basic from the main menus.
  • Right-clicking on a basic rule and selecting Move Custom Rule to Basic from the menu.


After launching the command, the Migration of Advanced Rules to Basic dialog will appear, which will provide information about how many basic rules can be migrated before asking you to confirm the migration.

The priority of Rules is dealt with automatically by the system. This is indicated by the arrangement of the rules view buttons in the interface, which are positioned by rule priority from left to right – Nets having the lowest priority.

  • Advanced (or Custom Created) rules take precedence over the sequence of Basic object rules, and can be manually reordered within the Advanced view by dragging their entries up or down.
  • Conversely, Basic rules are automatically prioritized by the system based on the design object type, as indicated by the object sections (Nets to Components) in the document interface.
  • Within each of the (Basic) object rule sections the priority is ordered from All (lowest) to Object Class to Object (highest), and by inference, rules with an All scope that have been converted to Basic rules will have the lowest priority.
  • To set an explicit priority for a Basic rule, right-click on the rule and select the Move Basic Rule to Advanced option, and then manually set its priority position in the Advanced view. This applies to rules other than those with an All scope -- for example in the Nets view, a rule with a Net Class or Net scope specified can be converted (moved) to be an Advanced rule.
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