Import Wizard

Now reading version 17.1. For the latest, read: Import Wizard for version 22

The Import Wizard will quickly and easily convert your design files from other vendors to Altium Designer files. The Wizard walks you through the import process, handling both the schematic and PCB parts of the project, as well as managing the relationship between them.

To make use of the importer technologies available in Altium Designer, you must install the relevant functionality as part of the Altium Designer Platform itself. The core design functionality for your installation can be modified at any time after installation and directly from within the Extensions & Updates view (DXP » Extensions and Updates). From the Installed page, click the Configure control at the top-right of the Platform region. This accesses the Configure Platform page that presents the core feature set for the software and is identical in content to that found on the Select Design Functionality page of the Altium Designer Installer. Enable the required functionality in the Importers\Exporters region of this page.

Using the Import Wizard

The Import Wizard is launched by clicking File » Import Wizard from the main menus.

Wizard Navigation

  • Click Cancel to close the Import Wizard.
  • Click Back to navigate to the previous screen.
  • Click Next to navigate to the next screen.
  • Click Finish to close the Import Wizard. This option is available only on the final page of the Wizard.

Selecting the Type of Files to Import

Use this page of the Wizard to select the types of files you want to import into Altium Designer. The Import Wizard can be used to import the following types of design files:

File Types


Protel 99SE DDB Files

99SE DDB (*.ddb)

Cadence® Allegro® Design Files

Allegro binary PCB (*.brd), Allegro ASCII PCB (*.alg)

Zuken CADSTAR® Designs and Libraries

CADSTAR Schematic Archive (*.csa), CADSTAR PCB Archive (*.cpa), CADSTAR Part Library (*.lib)

CircuitMaker 2000 Schematics and Libraries

CircuitMaker Schematics (*.ckt), CircuitMaker User Libraries (*.lib), CircuitMaker Device Libraries (*.lib)

Mentor Graphics® DxDesigner® Designs and Libraries

DxDesigner Designs, DxDesigner Libraries

Mentor Graphics® Expedition® Designs and Libraries

Mentor Expedition files (*.pcb, *.lib).

Cadence® OrCAD® Designs and Libraries

OrCAD Capture Designs (*.dsn), OrCAD Layout PCB documents (*.max), OrCAD Capture Libraries (*.olb), OrCAD PCB Libraries (*.llb)

Cadence® OrCAD® CIS Configuration Files and Libraries

OrCAD CIS Configuration file (*.dbc) in binary format, OrCAD Library files (*.llb, *.olb)

Mentor Graphics® PADS® Layout and PADS® Logic Designs and Libraries

PADS Layout ASCII Design files (*.asc), PADS Layout ASCII Decal Libraries (*.d), PADS Logic ASCII Design files (*.txt), PADS Logic ASCII CAE Decal Libraries (*.c), PADS Logic ASCII Part Type Libraries (*.p)

Cadence® OrCAD® and Mentor Graphics® PADS® Designs and Libraries

OrCAD Capture files (*.dsn), OrCAD Schematic Library files (*.olb), PADS Logic ASCII Design files (*.txt), PADS Layout ASCII Decal Libraries (*.d), PADS Logic ASCII CAE Decal Libraries (*.c), PADS Logic ASCII Part Type Libraries (*.p)

P-CAD Designs and Libraries

P-CAD V16 or V17 Binary Schematic design files (*.sch), P-CAD V16 or V17 ASCII Schematic design files (*.sch), P-CAD V15, V16, or V17 Binary PCB design files (*.pcb), P-CAD V15, V16, or V17 ASCII PCB design files (*.pcb), P-CAD V16 or V17 Binary Library files (*.lib), P-CAD V16 or V17 ASCII Library files (*.lia)

Autodesk® EAGLE™ schematic, PCB and Libraries  EAGLE design files saved with EAGLE version 6.4.0 or later. These files are XML-format – EAGLE binary-format design files cannot be imported using the EAGLE Importer; they must first be saved in XML-format in EAGLE.

Zuken CR5000 Design Files

Zuken CR5000 PCF Files (*.PCF), Zuken CR5000 FTF Files (*.FTF), Zuken CR5000 EDS Files (*EDS). Zuken binary files must be converted to ASCII files before importing.

Click Get More Importers to open the Extensions & Updates page from where you can add additional extensions if needed.

The subsequent pages of the Wizard change depending upon the file type you selected. Find your file type in the following list and click on the link to access the information regarding that file type.


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