Layer Information

Now reading version 17.1. For the latest, read: Layer Information for version 22

The Layer Information dialog.
The Layer Information dialog.


The Layer Information dialog allows a large degree of control over the layer information displayed in the Layer Stack Legend view table.

Note that the Layer Stack display and information options define the structure and content of the Layer Stack Legend view that has been placed on a drawing document, and do not affect the Board Layer Stack configuration that is defined in the PCB Editor.


From the Layer Stack Legend mode of the Properties panel, click the Configurations button (Under the Settings region of the panel).


From the table, users can toggle the visibility of the outer layers (Paste, Solder Masks, and Silkscreen overlays) by enabling or disabling the checkboxes under the Visible column. Users can also edit the content of individual table cells. The cells are initially populated from the board Layer Stack data, however once a cell has been manually edited it will not be updated from the board data (Tools » Update Board).

The Layer Information dialog also allows the following editing options:

  • Pattern - Define the display color for each layer. Click the button to open the Fill Style dialog and select the desired pattern and color, or enable the Use Default Color option to use the system assigned color.
  • Columns - Use the drop-down to hide, move, and rename columns in the table. Columns can also be added and removed, or new custom columns created.

Define the Total information data, data shown in the table footer. This displays the total board thickness by default, but can be renamed or set to a custom value – note that the footer visibility can be toggled with the Show Footer option under Table Styles in the Properties panel.

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