Library Update Settings

Now reading version 17.1. For the latest, read: Library Update Settings for version 22

The Library Update Settings dialog

The Library Update Settings dialog


This dialog enables the user to define default update actions with respect to parameters and/or models for the components enabled in the Update From Library dialog. You can further control specifically which parameters and models are included in the update.


The Library Update Settings dialog is accessed by clicking Advanced in the Settings region of the Update From Library dialog (Tools » Update From Library).


Parameter Settings

  • Library parameters not in sheet - use the drop down to select the default update action to be used when the instance of the component in the schematic library has a parameter present and that parameter is not possessed by the instance of the placed component on the schematic. Three choices are available: AddDo not add and Add if not blank (i.e., the parameter in the library component has a value assigned).
  • Sheet parameters not in library - use the drop down to select the default action when the component on the schematic sheet possesses a parameter and the corresponding component in the source library document does not. Three choices are available: Remove, Do not remove and Remove if not blank.
  • Parameters to update - this is a list of the system-level and user-defined parameters present in the design (all components on all schematic documents in the project). Enable/check the Update checkbox to enable only those parameters to be updated from the specified source schematic libraries.

Model Settings

  • Add models found in library but not in sheet - check to add a model that exists for a component in the library but not for the placed component on the schematic sheet.
  • Remove models found in sheet but not in library - check to remove a model that exists in the schematic document but does not exist in the library.
  • Update which models are the current models - check to update the current models for placed components. For example, an SN7432 on a schematic document may be linked to two PCB footprint models - DIP14 and SIOC14. Its current model might be set to SIOC14. The SN7432 in the library might have its current model set to DIP14. With the option enabled, the current model for the placed component is updated with the corresponding library component's current model.
  • Models to update - this is a list of all the models presently defined across all components in the source schematic documents of the project. Models are grouped by model type. Enable the Update checkbox to enable only those models to be updated from the specified source schematic libraries. 


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