Document Parameters

Now reading version 19.0. For the latest, read: Document Parameters for version 21

The Document Parameters dialog
The Document Parameters dialog


The Document Parameters dialog allows you to view all system, project and PCB parameters related to the active Draftsman document, and to add selected information to a Note entry.


The dialog is accessed in a PCB project Draftsman document from the Editor as follows:

  • With a Note object selected, click the   button in the Selected Element region of the Properties panel.
  • With a Text object selected, click the   button in the Properties region of the Properties panel.


Toggle which parameters are displayed by enabling/disabling the options at the bottom of the dialog: System Parameters, Project Parameters, and PCB Parameters.

Custom parameters can be added on the Parameters tab of the Properties panel in Document Options mode.

The features available depend on your level of Altium Designer Software Subscription.