Drill Symbol Configurations

Now reading version 19.0. For the latest, read: Drill Symbol Configurations for version 21

The Drill Symbol Configurations dialog
The Drill Symbol Configurations dialog


The Drill Symbol Configurations dialog presents a tabular view of PCB hole data with hole styles grouped on a selectable parameter (column data) basis and assigned standard symbols for a Draftsman document. The dialog's hole data table provides a flexible approach to assigning holes styles to Drill Drawing symbols, along with setting the symbol display graphics and sizes. 


The dialog is accessed from the Properties panel of the Draftsman editor in Drill Table mode (select a Drill Table in the Draftsman editor workspace) by clicking the Drill Symbols button in the Properties section.

Note that the columns shown in the dialog are determined by those specified in the Columns section of the Drill Table Properties.


  • Grid - displays the PCB hole data for the current Draftsman document.
  • Symbol Graphics - use the drop-down to select the desired hole representation graphic from a range of pre-determined shapes and letters.
  • Symbol Size - enter the desired size of the symbol graphic.
  • Symbol Line Style - use the first drop-down menu to define the line thickness of the symbol graphic; use the second drop-down to define the type of line (solid, dashed, etc.,). 
  • Grouping - the chosen criteria will group the selections under one symbol. For example, if only HoleSize is selected, an individual symbol will be assigned to each hole size used in the board. As further grouping options are selected, the symbol assignment will differentiate the additional criteria by creating a finer grouping scheme.
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