Duplicated Components

This document is no longer available beyond version 19.0. Information can now be found here: Make Schematic Library for version 24

The Duplicated Components dialog
The Duplicated Components dialog


The Duplicated Components dialog allows you to decide how to process duplicated components when making a schematic library from a project. A duplicate component warning occurs when the software finds two components with the same name (library reference), that are slightly different. An example of a difference would be when an additional parameter has been added to one of the components, after they were placed on the schematic. 


In the Schematic Editor, click Design » Make Schematic Library from the main menus. If there are components with the same library reference but different internal structure, this dialog will open.


Enable the desired option to process the duplicated components. Options include:

  • Process only the first instance and ignore all the rest - the first of the duplicate components detected will be added to the library, and the second will be discarded.
  • Process all the components, giving them unique names - append a numeric suffix to the component name (library reference) to make each unique.
  • Abort the library generation - cancel the library creation process.
  • Check Remember the answer and don't ask again to apply your choice to all duplicate component detections.
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