Schematic Capture Query Functions

Schematic query functions shown in the Query Helper dialog
Schematic query functions shown in the Query Helper dialog

Underlying Altium Designer's schematic and PCB editors is a powerful query engine. By entering queries into this engine, you can logically scope precisely those objects you require.

A query is a string you enter using specific keywords and syntax, which will return the targeted objects. There are many keywords available, allowing you to target objects by their type, their properties, or both.

For a detailed overview of using the query language, see Working with the Query Language.

The reference pages listed below detail the query language keywords available in schematic and schematic library documents in Altium Designer.

  • For help on a specific query keyword, you can highlight (or click inside) any given keyword - in the Query Helper, or a Filter panel - and press F1 to access its section right away.
  • Learn more about the PCB editor query language keywords.

The features available depend on your level of Altium Designer Software Subscription.