Scripting Language Support

Scripts can be written for Altium Designer in several script languages. Note that the primary language and the most referred to in the Scripting documentation is DelphiScript — this is closely related to Embarcadero Delphi™.

This Scripting Languages Support section includes detailed information on the following available scripting languages:

  • The default scripting language is set to DelphiScript. You can open and run existing scripts written in VBScript and JavaScript (Jscript). In order to be able to create new scripts written in VBScript, you must enable the Legacy.Scripts.SupportOldLanguages option in the Advanced Settings dialog.
  • Documentation for scripting API can be found here: Scripting API Objects. Please note that this documentation was last updated for an older version of Altium Designer. While many of the principles and approaches will remain the same, be aware that interfaces, objects, methods, properties, and the like will have changed since then, and will not reflect the entirety of those found in later versions of the software.
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