Match Manually

Now reading version 17.1. For the latest, read: Match Manually for version 20.2

The Match Manually dialog

The Match Manually dialog


The Match Manually dialog is used to choose whether to manually match nets if there are nets that do not match on both sides (between the PCB and schematic). 


The dialog is accessed in one of the following ways:

  • After updating a document when one or more nets are not able to be matched between the PCB and schematic. For example, it appears after a net name has been changed on the PCB or schematic, but the net name has not been changed on the corresponding design document. 
  • Clicking Yes in the Failed to Match Unique Identifiers dialog.


  • Don't Show This Again - click to not show this dialog the next time nets cannot be matched.
The system will "remember" your Yes or No answer for each subsequent non-matched net instance and progress accordingly.
  • Yes - click to open the Match Nets dialog in which you can manually match any unmatched schematic nets to unmatched PCB nets.
  • No - click to remove the existing unmatched nets from the PCB and add the new nets that do not currently exist on the PCB. The Engineering Change Order dialog will then open.

The features available depend on your level of Altium Designer Software Subscription.