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Created: September 20, 2015 | Updated: August 20, 2021

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Returns all objects associated with a from-to object whose Net , From Pad, and To Pad properties comply with the Query.

While from-to objects will be returned in the PCB List panel, in order to see these in the workspace, you will need to apply the filter query after placing the PCB panel into From-To Editor mode.


InFromTo('Net_Name (From_Pad : To_Pad)') : Boolean/Boolean_String

As you define the Query expression, a pop-up list of all existing from-tos, by name, is presented.

Net_Name, From_Pad, and To_Pad are all strings; the only single quote characters (') used are those depicted above (immediately within the outermost pair of brackets).

Each of the From_Pad and To_Pad strings specifies the full name that a pad has to match; this consists of an initial substring which specifies the Name property of the pad's parent component (i.e. the component's Designator), followed by a substring that specifies the pad's own Name property (i.e. the pad's Designator). The format will therefore be 'ParentComponentDesignator-PadDesignator'.

Example Usage

InFromTo('VDD_XTAL (C13-2 : U1-8)')
InFromTo('VDD_XTAL (C13-2 : U1-8)') = True
InFromTo('VDD_XTAL (C13-2 : U1-8)') = 'True'

Returns all objects associated with a from-to object  whose Net property is VDD_XTAL, From Pad property is C13-2, and To Pad property is U1-8. (As such, the From Pad has a Name property of 2, and its parent component object has a Name property of C13. Similarly, the To Pad has a Name property of 8, and its parent component object has a Name property of U1).


  1. The parent from-to objects are also returned.
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