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SVN Design Repository

Created: July 7, 2022 | Updated: July 7, 2022
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SVN Design Repository dialog   Create SVN Design Repository dialog
 The SVN Design Repository and Create SVN Design Repository dialog


A design repository is a version control system that contains your team's design documents. The SVN Design Repository dialog allows you to edit the properties of a subversion-based design repository, which, in turn, allows you to manage revisions and version control.


The SVN Design Repository dialog is accessed from the Data Management –  Design Repositories page of the Preference dialog in one of the following ways:

  • Double-click on a repository.
  • Select a repository then click the Properties button.

The Create SVN Design Repository dialog provides controls to create a new design repository and is accessed from the Data Management – Design Repositories page of the Preferences dialog by clicking an entry in the Create New drop-down.


Use the available options to name your design repository and set the repository location. The dialog also allows you to view the repository's Workspace information.

Design Repository Properties 

  • Name - review and/or change the name of the design repository.
  • Default Checkout Path - click the browse button in the text box to search for and select the design repository folder.


The Repository fields are displayed for information only.
  • Method - the method (connection protocol) of design repository.
The options/controls will change based on the repository access Method. The svn and https access methods require additional information that relates to the host Workspace and its access, whereas the file access method does not. 
  • Server - the host Workspace for the repository.
  • Server Port - view whether the repository uses a default or non-default Workspace port.
    • Default - if selected, the repository uses a default Workspace port.
    • Non Default - if selected, the repository uses a non-default Workspace port. The Workspace port's information also will be displayed.
  • Repository Subfolder - the repository's designated subfolder.
  • User Name - the user name for the repository.
  • Password - the password for the design repository.
  • Test - click to test if the connection to your design repository works. A dialog box will pop up to confirm whether it does or does not. If the connection fails, double-check and correct the information.
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