A Seamless Connection
Between ECAD and Simulation

Altium and Ansys have partnered to redefine the way ECAD and Simulation engineers work together

Introducing a revolutionary digital bridge that replaces time-consuming
and error-prone manual data exchange and communication methods
with a seamless, digital connection.

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Integrated Communication &
Notifications Within Respective Environments

Ensures accurate
communication and intent

Simulation Results & Requirements
Embedded Directly in Project

Establishes traceability and
preserves complete history of
changes, including comments.

Continuous Connectivity
Until All Issues Resolved

Eliminates the need to restart
iterations or simulation configurations
from scratch

Explore the Revolution

See how ECAD and Simulation engineers
can now seamlessly work together.

Thermal Integrity

Designing for thermal variations caused by environmental conditions, enclosures, and workloads ensure that sensitive electronic components operate as expected, as well as the long-term reliability of the product.

With insights into the behavior of critical electronic circuits across different temperature scenarios, the Altium-Ansys digital bridge allows ECAD designers and thermal engineers to intelligently exchange design data and optimize components.  This integrated communication process helps achieve the best possible circuit performance and product reliability.

A Seamless Connection
between ECAD and Simulation

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