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The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly changing the way we live our lives.  From the outside, IoT devices look sleek and simple.  But inside, they are actually increasingly small devices made up of a complex set of components, PCBs, and circuitry that presents a unique set of design and layout challenges.  These challenges would be difficult for any company to address, but even more so for companies that are new to electronics - having entered because  IoT presents an opportunity to rethink and improve business strategy.  Now, these companies must bring products to market at rapid speeds and meet increasingly tight demands - all while ensuring collected data is as valuable as possible.

Altium Enterprise helps IoT companies

Time to Market

Simulation to create digital twins in order to understand systems, predict problems and optimize processes - ensuring data created is highly valuable.

Easy-to-implement and easy-to-learn solution for companies that lack infrastructure and experience for managing electronics to support shift in core business strategy.

Reliable, real-time supply chain part information enables smart part decisions - at design time. 

Real-time, bi-directional ECAD and MCAD collaboration ensures even the smallest of enclosures fit - the first time - reducing costly and time-intensive rework.


See how the Altium enterprise solutions provide digital continuity and managed workflows that empower Legrand to thrive in a highly competitive industry - delivering high-quality, high-integrity products at differentiated speed.

Accelerate Time to Market with a Comprehensive, Digitally Integrated Solution

We aren’t looking at a year...we are looking at months from concept to market. With Altium’s Enterprise Platform, everyone has all of the resources necessary to do their jobs at their fingertips:  requirements, compliance, rules, guidelines, workflows to work from, data from their library...and it all works together.

Altium enterprise solutions streamline our process by integrating MCAD into our process. We can push and pull information and designs back and forth . And instead of having to work through emails, we are able to quickly verify our design both electronically and mechanically, enabling us to push it out much faster.

Deliver Superior Quality with Managed Workflows to Keep Teams Pointed in Same Direction

Our team of 50 people are all pointed in the same direction, provided with the same data to work from, and given the same process.  The result?  We have seen a significant - almost 50% -  drop in our failures.  And we see products that are much higher quality, and integrity.  And our customers are much happier.

Quickly get up and running with an easy- to-learn, out-of-the-box enterprise solution

We needed something that was “out-of-the-box” ready.  We transitioned over in about 6 weeks from start to finish which included moving our data over from our previous system, as well as training.  It didn’t cause any impact on our workflows.  In fact , the engineers did not even realize it had happened - that’s how seamless the transition was.