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Created: August 2, 2022 | Updated: August 2, 2022

Parent page: PCB Query Functions - Attribute Checks


Returns pad or via objects that are using the Pad or Via template specified as part of the Query, that is, those whose Template property makes reference to such a template.


IsLinkedToPadViaTemplate(TemplateName : String) : Boolean/Boolean_String

Example Usage

IsLinkedToPadViaTemplate('c152hn127') = True
IsLinkedToPadViaTemplate('c152hn127') = 'True'

Returns all pad objects that use the pad template c152hn127.

Not IsLinkedToPadViaTemplate('v127h71')
IsLinkedToPadViaTemplate('v127h71') = False
IsLinkedToPadViaTemplate('v127h71') = 'False'

Returns all objects except via objects that use the via template v127h71.


  1. The single quote characters (') at the start and end of the TemplateName string are mandatory.
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