Processes & Workflows in Altium On-Prem Enterprise Server

The Enterprise Server provides a powerful collaborative design environment. Part of that is the support for Workflows, that guide a company's designers through typical, everyday design processes such as:

  • Requesting new Workspace library parts
  • Performing project-related activities, such as design reviews or publishing to a PLM
  • Creation of new Workspace projects.

Each Workflow that is used to implement a particular design process is created as part of a Process Definition. It can therefore be referred to as that process's underlying Workflow, or simply a Process Workflow.

Processes, and their Workflows, are created and managed through the Enterprise Server Workspace's browser interface – by an Administrator of that Workspace. For the three design areas mentioned previously, predefined process workflows are included with your server installation. Some of these are activated for use out-of-the-box. Use these, modify them, or create your own as required, to suit the needs of your company. Others are samples – these cannot be activated and used as is. Each of these is therefore more like a 'template' – edit to suit your company's requirements, name, and save as a new process definition, which you can then activate and use, along with all other definitions.

A powerful Process Workflow Editor provides the flexibility for you to build processes with workflows that can be as simple, or as complex as needed, and in-line with your company's requirements.

From within Altium Designer, a designer can access and initiate any of the processes that have been activated at the administrative level. Interaction with a process – or rather its defined workflow – is through the Altium Designer Tasklist panel or the Enterprise Server's Tasks page. A Task relates to a user task defined within the workflow, which in practice, becomes a point at which action by a user is necessary for the workflow to progress.
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