Reliable PCB
Production Documents

Comprehensive, design-driven PCB
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Reliable PCB
Production Documents

Complete Documentation
in One File

You don’t need to configure different drawing files with a Draftsman Document. The intuitive interface provides everything you need to create precise, in-depth fabrication, assembly, and drill drawings without worrying about using and configuring different tools.

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Full Design Data

No one wants to start over on their documentation due to a minor design change. The Draftsman Document eliminates the stress of redoing your drawings with a single click! Your production drawings are directly linked to your design data for complete synchronization with project changes allowing you to update your drawings quickly!

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in Minutes

The Draftsman Document removes the need for creating intermediate files (DXF/DWG, board exports, etc.) and complex layer analysis. Dedicated drawing tools and properties provide you with everything you need while retaining the context of your design. Additionally, you can define document templates to make it easy to get started on new drawings, so you can finish in minutes.

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Key Capabilities

Quick, Easy PCB View Creation.svg

Quick, Easy PCB View Creation

PCB documentation requires various views to convey design intent. You never need to worry about incomplete drawings with Draftsman. You can create essential views with a touch of a button showing components, drill symbols, tracks, isometric view, drill tables, and more. Configure your view properties, such as scale and board angle, to easily define detailed drawings that are easy to understand.

Realistic Layer Stack Drawings.svg

Realistic Layer Stack Drawings

Clearly representing the structure of a multi-layer PCB is critical for production drawings. Use the Layer Stack Legend tool to place a realistic stack on the drawing that perfectly matches your PCB with one click! You can adjust and customize the drawing properties to effortlessly meet your manufacturer's requirements.

Effortless Detailed Drawings.svg

Effortless Detailed Drawings

Ensuring that your drawings are readable should be convenient and stress-free. Draftsman offers various one-click tools to instantly create: Board Section Views, Board Detail Views, Component Views, Transmission Line Structure Tables, and much more.

Accurate 3D Representation.svg

Accurate 3D Representation

The Board Realistic View renders a PCB view providing a perfect drawing of how your design will appear in the real world. You can demonstrate the visual representation of the future device assembly to anyone from a customer to your manufacturer.

Embedded BOM Documents.svg

Embedded BOM Documents

One of the most important PCB documents is the BOM file. With Draftsman Document you will prepare it very quickly. The set of settings allows you to represent BOM in the required format.

Adaptable Variant Documentation.svg

Adaptable Variant Documentation

Do you have a multi-variant project? Reuse existing documentation drawings to expertly consider all variants. Each view has independent settings that allow you to display data for a specific project variant without extra work!

Reusable Documentation Templates.svg

Reusable Documentation Templates

Most PCB drawings rely on the same structure, whether they are fabrication or assembly drawings. Use templates for your documentation to save time and ensure consistency. All you have to do is to specify the dimensions and adjust the specifications.

Extensive Dimensioning Tools.svg

Extensive Dimensioning Tools

Dimensions are mandatory in drawings. Draftsman has dimensioning tools to solve any problem: Linear, Radial, Diametral, Angular, Ordinate, and X/Y-Axis Scale. You can add tolerance to each dimension and customize the tool to the needs of your organization.

MCAD Quality Professional Tools.svg

MCAD Quality Professional Tools

Every design has critical mechanical demands. Draftsman allows you to specify positions, callouts, surface finish, and hole centers with the same accuracy as MCAD software, so you can promptly prepare mechanical documentation with all the requirements and rules for drawings.

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