Advanced Topics

Refer to the following pages to learn more about advanced simulation topics in Altium Designer:

  • When a circuit does not simulate, you should identify if the problem is in the circuit or the simulation process. Refer to the Simulation Troubleshooting page for recommendations on resolving issues when performing different types of simulation.
  • Altium Designer provides a default library with various simulation-ready components. Use the Simulation Generic Components page as a reference for the parameters of components from this library.
  • While the simulation is driven by the circuit captured in the schematic editor, it is the SPICE netlist that is processed by the simulation engine. You can create your own netlist in Altium Designer and also include areas of user SPICE-code into schematics. Refer to the Working with a SPICE Netlist page to learn more.
  • When you would like to create your own simulation models, Altium Designer provides you with the means to do this. Refer to the Creating a Simulation Model to learn more.

The features available depend on your level of Altium Designer Software Subscription.