Set initial values

This document is no longer available beyond version 20.0. Information can now be found here: Setting the ID for the Initial Revision of a Workspace Item for version 22

The Set initial values dialog
The Set initial values dialog


The Set initial values dialog enables you to manually set the ID for the initial revision of a newly-created Item in an server. Modify the various levels of the ID in accordance with the chosen Revision Naming Scheme.

For information about revision naming schemes, see Defining Naming Schemes for Item Revision .


The dialog is accessed by clicking  in the Revision ID field of the Edit Item dialog (right-click on an Item in the Explorer panel then choose Properties).

The Revision ID field is accessed in the Advanced version of the Edit Item dialog.
  • Level <0> initial ID - use the   buttons to select the desired revision ID of the Level shown within the < >. You can also enter the desired value in the textbox.
The ID of the Item's first planned revision can be changed at any point after the Item is created and before data is released into that initial revision (i.e. it is still in the Planned state).
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