Update from Version Control

Now reading version 20.0. For the latest, read: Update from Version Control for version 22

The Update from Version Control dialog
The Update from Version Control dialog


The Update from Version Control dialog allows collaborating designers to 'check out' and update working copies of their files from a shared repository, ensuring that their documents include any modifications made by other users working with the file.


After a file that has been added to a shared repository is committed by one designer, a collaborating designer working on the same file will see the Out of date icon icon in their projects panel denoting that the file is out of date. Right-click on the file, or the project that contains it, and select Version Control » Update Whole Project to access this dialog.


All documents in the project that are out of date or contain conflicts are displayed in the dialog. You can select specific documents to update or choose to update all of them at once. Selected documents are updated from the repository and all out of date documents are selected by default. All selected documents will be updated to the latest version in the repository.
  • Path - displays the file directory.
  • Status - displays the current status of the file. If a file's status is displayed as Conflict, clicking OK to update the files will prompt a confirmation dialog. Click OK to update to the latest version in the repository or Cancel to exit and save changes to the version currently in the workspace.

Right-click Menu

  • Select All - select all listed documents.
  • Select None - select none of the listed documents.
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