Select Device Sheet

Now reading version 20.0. For the latest, read: Select Device Sheet for version 22

The Select Device Sheet dialog
The Select Device Sheet dialog


The Select Device Sheet dialog provides controls to select a device sheet to be placed in the schematic sheet.


From the schematic editor, this dialog is accessed in the following ways:

  • Select Place » Device Sheet Symbol from the toolbar.
  • Right-click then select Place » Device Sheet Symbol from the context menu.
  • Click  in the Active Bar.
  • Click the  button on the Wiring toolbar.


  • Device Sheet Folders List - the left side of the dialog lists all source device sheet folders added to the project.
  • Filter - enter the desired characters to filter target devices sheets.
  • Device Sheets List - the right side of the dialog list all devices sheets that exist in the selected folder.
  • Device Sheet Folders - click to open the Device Sheet Folders dialog in which you can add, remove, or reorder source device sheet folders. 
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