Update Parameters From Database

Now reading version 20.0. For the latest, read: Update Parameters From Database for version 22

The Update Parameters From Database dialog
The Update Parameters From Database dialog


The Update Parameters From Database dialog provides controls to update the parameters of components with information stored in an external database.


The dialog is accessed from the schematic editor by clicking Tools » Update Parameters From Database.


  • Schematic Sheets - this region lists all schematic documents to which the update can be applied. This can be either a single, free schematic document, or all schematic sheets within the active project. Check the box next to the document(s) whose components you want in the update.
    As you enable/disable entries in the Schematic Sheets list, the Component Types region will automatically update according to your choices.
  • Component Types:
    • Physical Component -  the name of the component.
    • Logical Symbol - the associated logical symbol.
    • Library - the source library from which the component was placed.
    • Count - the number of instances across all enabled schematic documents.
  • Create Log - check this option to create a log file (*.log) of the update, which can be found under the Generated folder in the Projects panel.
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