Select Columns

Now reading version 20.0. For the latest, read: Select Columns for version 22

The Select Columns dialogThe Select Columns dialog


The Select Columns dialog is used to select which columns to display in the Select configuration item dialog when selecting a configuration item for a managed output job or when creating a new schematic and a released Schematic Template Item exists in the server to which you are actively signed in.


The dialog is accessed by right-clicking in the Select configuration item dialog then selecting Select Columns.


  • Known Columns - lists the available columns that are currently not displayed.
  • Selected Columns - lists the currently displayed columns.
  • Add - click to add the currently selected Known Columns (not displayed) to the Selected Columns (displayed) region.
  • Remove - click to add the currently selected Selected Columns (displayed) to the Known Columns (not displayed) region.
  • All - click to move all the columns in the Selected Columns (displayed) region to the Known Columns (not displayed) region.
If the Selected Columns section is empty (after selecting All, or by moving the columns manually), all columns will show within the Select configuration item dialog by default. Due to this, there will always be at least one column within the dialog.
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