Pulling Part Data from Z2Data

The Z2Data integration provides advanced comprehensive supply chain and component data, including detailed part datasheet, lifecycle data, RoHS & REACH status, and Z2Data’s proprietary 6-point part scoring algorithm.

The Z2Data integration is paid functionality that is currently in the early access stage. To become an early adopter of the functionality, contact us using the form on the Altium 365 Z2Data Integration page.

Note that after getting access to the functionality, the Z2Data application must be configured on the Admin – Apps page of your Altium 365 Workspace's browser interface – learn more.

If you have access to the Z2Data integration functionality, you can pull high-quality data provided by Z2Data for manufacturer parts as described below.

Data entries related to Z2Data are marked with the  icon.
A user must have Paid Part Info permission to be able to pull data from Z2Data. To learn more about managing permissions, refer to the Setting Global Operation Permissions for a Workspace page.

Getting Advanced Part Data from Z2Data

The places described below allow getting data from Z2Data.

Columns of data from Z2Data can also be made available when:

What Z2Data Integration Provides

After getting data from Z2Data for a manufacturer part, the following is available for this part.

Part Parameters

Parameters provided by Z2Data become available in the following locations:

  • The parameter list in the Details pane of the Manufacturer Part Search panel.

    Z2Data parameters are also supported in the Selected Part Details pane of the Manufacturer Part Search panel when comparing two selected parts – show image.
    Note that when searching for parts in the Manufacturing Part Search panel, the search will not be performed by data from Z2Data.
  • The parameter list available by clicking the Parameters control in a part choice or ActiveBOM solution.

  • The Parameters tab of the Use Component Data dialog is where data can be opted to be included in the new component.

    Note that the following Z2Data parameters are not included in the Parameters list:

    • Lifecycle
    • YTEOL
  • The corresponding data column made visible in the ActiveBOM document.

Parameters available from Z2Data, as well as their possible values, are described in the collapsible section below.


The list of alternatives in the Alternatives region of the Details pane in the Manufacturer Part Search panel is extended with the alternatives provided by Z2Data. For each found alternative, a cross type code is provided.

Cross type codes available from Z2Data are described in the collapsible section below.

Displaying Lifecycle States from Multiple Sources

When using the Z2Data integration functionality, manufacturer part lifecycle data can be obtained from different sources – e.g., Altium Parts Provider (powered by Octopart or IHS Markit®) and Z2Data. Hover the cursor over the manufacturer lifecycle state/bar or use the drop-down that reflects the number of available lifecycle sources to see the lifecycle information from all sources in the tooltip when exploring manufacturer part data in the locations shown below.

Javascript ID: Z2_MultipleLC_AD24

A part choice of a Workspace library component.

A solution derived from a part choice or added as a manufacturer link in an ActiveBOM document.

The supply chain data for the component selected in a schematic.

BOM Verification Based on Z2Data Parameters

ActiveBOM provides a range of checks based on parameters from Z2Data. You can enable or disable these checks in the BOM Checks dialog accessed by clicking the  button in the BOM Checks region of the Properties panel. Checks related to Z2Data are listed in the Violations Associated with Part Choices category of the dialog.

Detected violations of enabled Z2Data checks (those with Report Mode set to Report) have the Error severity level.

Refer to the Finalizing Your BOM page to learn more about BOM verification.
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