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Created: August 3, 2021 | Updated: August 3, 2021
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Parent category: Violations Associated with Nets

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This violation occurs when there are two or more hidden pins within the project that have the same value entered into their Hidden Net Name property. Hidden pins are sometimes used to define the power pins in a multi-part component. Typically this warning occurs when a library component with hidden pins has been used and the designer was not aware of those hidden pins.


If compiler errors and warnings are enabled for display on the schematic (enabled on the Schematic - Compiler page of the Preferences dialog), an offending object will display a colored squiggle beneath it. Hovering over the object will display a pop-up hint that summarizes the violation. A notification is also displayed in the Messages panel in the following format:

Adding hidden net

Recommendation for Resolution

The problem arises when the following properties for the offending pin(s) occur:

  • The Hide option is enabled
  • The Hidden Net Name field contains the specific power net name

If it is by design then the warning can be ignored. Alternatively you can enable the display of the pin(s) in the workspace. This option may prove to be less than desirable, especially if you have many hidden pins connected to power nets. Revealing these pins in the workspace can cause clutter as each pin would need to be wired to the appropriate power port object - making the design schematic(s) less easy to read.

If you choose to display the hidden pins and those pins are assigned to Part Zero, they will appear on every part placed in the project. For multi-part component power pins that are not hidden, it can be better to create a separate part in the component just for the power pins.

The Hidden Net Name field is only accessible in the SCHLIB List panel or the SCH List panel. When working with multiple objects, it can be more efficient to edit their properties in the List panel.


  1. Only one instance of this violation type will be listed in the Messages panel. When investigating the error using the Details region of the panel, a single entry will be listed reflecting the net that is being added. There may be multiple nets added - such as GND and VCC - but only one will be listed, determined by alphabetical order. If you clear the violation for a particular net, the next net (in order) will appear under this violation type.
  2. Object hints will only appear provided the Enable Connectivity Insight option is enabled on the System - Design Insight page of the Preferences dialog. Use the controls associated with the Object Hints entry in the Connectivity Insight Options region of the page to determine the launch style for such hints (Mouse Hover and/or Alt+Double Click).


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