Altium Designer Documentation

Release Notes for Altium Designer - Version: 21.0

Created: December 4, 2020 | Updated: December 1, 2021

The following sections list the release notes for publicly released versions of Altium Designer 21.

For a summary of new features and subsequent improvements in Altium Designer 21, see New in Altium Designer.

Version 21.9.2 (Update 9 Hot Fix 1)

Build: 33 Date: 30 November 2021

48033 When the PCB.EngineX option was disabled in the Advanced Settings dialog, pads were not plated regardless if the 'Plated' option in the Pad mode of the Properties panel and the PCB List panel was checked or unchecked. (BC:17502)
48061 PCB: The Undo command does not always function correctly after moving components if the Component re-route option is enabled in the Interactive Routing preferences.
48079 Crash occurred during multi-routing.

Version 21.9.1 (Update 9)

Build: 22 Date: 22 November 2021

38985 Some bitmaps were truncated in the generated PDF document. (BC:13051)
42470 The Smart PDF output did not include embedded graphics. (BC:17255)
45086 An error occurred when running the Smart PDF wizard for a free document.
45924 WMF and GIF graphics were not printed to PDF by Smart PDF and other tools.
46099 When the revision of the managed sheet is replaced, the Annotation file becomes invalid. (BC:15715)
46176 The Edit > Refactor > Move Selected Subcircuit to Different Sheet command changes the Unique IDs of the parts. (BC:16785)
46690 Custom locations of cross reference parameters are reset to defaults after saving and reloading the schematic document. (BC:17084)
46734 The page scaling in the Print dialog was displayed incorrectly. (BC:17058)
46796 Superscripts located in multi-channels displayed the previous designator rather than the logical designator. (BC:17099)
46853 Wires disappeared when dragging before using the Edit > Refactor command.
46906 The Physical checkbox in the Component Designator dialog will maintain its enabled or disabled state until the software is closed. (BC:12819)
46977 Changed the direction when adding additional ports and pins.
47055 Wire names were not displayed in the tooltip in free documents.
44082 Traces did not automatically change their width until a trace was placed in the flex region.
45841 Values of alternate part parameters were missing for a design variant that is not selected. (BC:15365)
46209 Error appeared when exporting a Parasolid file when the 'Export All Copper' option was enabled. (BC:15929)
46556 The rotation column did not respect the comma and period separator change in the Pick and Place Setup dialog. (BC:15556)
46842 A crash occurred after loading a stackup, saving the Layer Stack Manager, then returning to the PCB document.
46992 No Net split planes were not detected in the Unrouted Net rule. (BC:12252)
47061 Unnecessary controls were selected when using the Tab keyboard shortcut in some object properties panels (BC:11281)
47127 Pads that were set to 'rectangular' and contained a hole size equal to its length were not displayed in the Drill Table.
47129 Discontinuity occurred in generated STEP files if a bending angle contained a negative value.
47182 Hatched polygon pour did not obey polygon cutouts near obstacles, which caused violations to occur.
47192 Polygon pour speed was improved for complex boards with a big number of pads or vias.
47227 The 'Obey Polygon Cutout' option has been added to the Polygon Pour properties.
47261 Routing with conflict resolution on 'Push Obstacles' caused the software to crash.
46248 DRC HTML reports were blank when projects were stored on the driver/folder with write protection. (BC:8575)
46974 The size of the dialog upon closing will be maintained when the same dialog is reopened.
47120 The Properties panel would update very slowly when using an SVNDBLib.
47199 A typo in the Release Preferences dialog has been fixed.
47376 A crash occurred with two open documents using a split-screen after resizing an unpinned panel.
Data Management
42690 'Copy Folder Structure' command did not work in the Explorer panel. (BC:14829)
46494 The project repository type was incorrectly recognized and the Make Available Online operation failed.
47203 The speed of DBLib migration has been increased when migrating large libraries.
47242 The "- Snapshot from " suffixes are now added to generated design snapshots to distinguish them from live (WIP) designs.
45878 A DC-shortened net error occurred for net tie components with through-hole pads in the Ansys Exporter.
46865 Added the ability to import Zuken schematic/part LCDB libraries.
46951 The Measurements tab has been added to the Output Expressions dialog.
46952 Measurement information is now provided in the Output Expressions region of the Simulation Dashboard panel.
46953 The Measurements tab has been added to the Sim Data panel.
47364 The option to switch on\off the calculation of measurements has been added on the Measurement Tab of the Sim Data panel.
47367 The 'Always Generate Model Symbol for Manufacturer Part Search Panel Using Simulation Model Description' option has been added to the Simulation - General page of the Preferences dialog.
47457 A model file error was displayed in the Simulation Dashboard panel for an IC component model when the Initial Voltage parameter is set. (BC:17342)

Version 21.8.1 (Update 8)

Build: 53 Date: 21 October 2021

41224 The Port Actions > Toggle Selected Ports IO Type command did not function correctly.
42660 The page tiling and scaling in the Print Preview dialog was incorrect if the paper size is smaller than the schematic sheet size with the scale set to 1 (BC:15727).
46253 Some footprints that were generated from the database library could not be found in the Footprint Manager.
46281 Footprints could not be found for mechanical parts after certain libraries were compiled.
46324 An error occurred when running the Tools > Signal Integrity command for a particular project that had a large model description.
46433 Pin designators were far from pad numbers at some custom pin configurations when pins are mapped to multiple pads.
46482 Dark objects were unreadable when viewed in the Snippets panel.
46566 Crash occurred when reloading a schematic document modified externally.
46725 Formulas with scientific notations were not interpreted correctly.
46726 The 'ABS' and 'ROUND' System Query Arithmetic functions did not function correctly.
47079 The print preview only displayed the active document instead of all schematic documents in the project.
47092 Some graphical images were stretched in the software and Web Viewer. (BC:17163)
47111 A list of text copied from Excel was pasted as bitmaps rather than net labels after enabling the 'Paste as Net Labels' option in the Smart Paste dialog. (BC:17212)
44660 The system was not responding while pushing a design through MCAD CoDesigner.
45188 An error occurred when saving a PCB to the PCB 4.0 Binary File format. (BC:16203)
45432 An extra Board Layer Stack entry was displayed under the Component Layer Pairs group in the View Configuration panel.
45583 The cursor was no longer large when 'Large 90' was selected as the Cursor Type on the PCB Editor - General page of the Preferences dialog. (BC:15913)
45816 Pullbacks were not shown and an incorrect number of split planes were created on a specific PCB design.
45945 Vias without a drill pair assigned were not listed in the Hole Size Editor mode of the PCB panel. (BC:16225)
46178 Selection made with the Enter or spacebar keys caused data from the Properties panel of an object to be deleted.
46638 Incorrect un-routed net violations appeared after running the DRC.
46685 A delay in the Properties panel setup results in an invalid multi-line width text box for Interactive Routing.
46688 Error occurs when the last Placement > Room Definition rule is deleted.
46691 Project Releaser failed for an output job with PCB 3D Print through Folder Structure container. (BC:16725)
46754 Layer Drawing Order settings were not saved to preferences files. (BC:13983)
46759 After copying a footprint, mechanical layers were not correct.
47069 An error occurred when opening the composite drawing output for some PCB documents in an Outjob. (BC:17193)
45881 The approximation of a board outline that includes an arc of a large radius was rough.
45907 Some objects are missing in an exported PDF file. (BC:15122)
46231 Error occurs when a generated PDF tries to open.
46199 The Updates tab of the Extensions & Updates page has been improved to always show the most current version at the top of the list.
46272 Panels were grouped in fractal mode regardless of the UI.DisableFractalMode advanced setting.
46729 An error message appeared after granting access to a project.
Data Management
45269 After modifying more than one footprint in a component, update of components using the same footprints was incorrect.
46383 A error occurred when reverting a revision of a project document through the Storage Manager panel if this document has been renamed.
46425 The 'Custom Data Synchronization' overwrites the PartId during synchronization.
46544 The Comments panel loaded comments endlessly after running comment placement if automatic signing in to AltiumLive is disabled.
46764 Added a BOM item to the Projects panel.
47130 The private server license did not release the license when the software was closed. (BC:16547)
44330 Pads and vias were converted into hatches after exporting using the Export to AutoCAD dialog.
47150 Comment export was not possible when connecting to an on-site Workspace.
45937 Added 'Format X Axis' to the Plot menu to allow independent zooming for separate plots.
45985 Added the ability to set the X-axis expression in the Add Output Expression dialog.
46536 The option to zoom plots separately is now provided in the Document Options dialog.
46720 Added smart pin mapping to the Sim Model dialog.

Version 21.7.2 (Update 7)

Build: 23 Date: 29 September 2021

43550 The Edit > Replace Text menu command does not function correctly when wildcards are used in the Text To Find field.
44111 Implemented a "Schematic was done in newer version" warning to notify users that new functionalities were introduced between the version of Altium Designer that was used to create the schematic and the version used to open the schematic document.
45068 The last copied object was not always pasted on schematic when Copy/Paste commands were executed very fast. (BC:15686)
45810 The Show Net Color Override command does not work correctly when using F5 or when invoking the command from the View menu. (BC:16912)
45967 A background compilation error occurred after opening a specific project, and a crash occurred after performing some operations on its schematics.
46017 The value of the VersionControl_RevNumber special string was not displayed on the schematic in a particular case.
46066 The Find Text - Jump dialog can now be closed by using the Esc key. (BC:7891)
46166 Added ability to show all Parameters in the Component mode of the Properties panel. (BC:16344)
46269 Two digital numbers surrounded by parentheses were interpreted as a number rather than a string in the concatenation of parameters. (BC:16816)
33225 Added ability to disable the use of paste mask to the Paste Mask Expansion design rule, the Pad mode of the Properties panel, and the Pad Template Editor. (BC:9120)
44018 Document could not be saved after reconnecting to a VPN. (BC:15217)
44822 Software performance degradation during layer cycling when a routing via needs to push too many objects.
45535 When placing non-inverted graphics, some QR codes are placed incorrectly with an extra filled rectangle. (BC:16478)
45536 Location of the ".VersionControl Rev Number" special string was changed on a PCB after saving the document. (BC:16458)
45589 Moved layers resulted in incorrect page sequence in outputs.
45751 Work guides disappeared while slicing polygons.
45783 A custom grid was not displayed on a PCB until a new grid is added.
45895 Added the Room mode of the Properties panel. (BC:9310)
45971 When a polygon cutout is indirectly built to a net tie footprint, using the 'Verify Shorting Copper' option of the DRC generates a net tie verification failure.
46150 Hatched polygon pours do not respect polygon pour cutout boundaries. (BC:3579)
46151 Improvements for interactive routing with SMT rules include rules are now applied when using 'Any Angle', routing does not fail if all allowed exits are blocked, and routing is more stable after exiting an SMD.
46180 If a Line primitive is not on any of the assembly layers used in a component, the Variant 'Drawing Style' is not applied.
46251 When generating a Gerber report with a design view that is mirrored, the layer description and layer extension do not match. (BC:12325)
46265 Blind vias were copied and pasted incorrectly onto a board.
44762 When a project is released, the .zip file that is created is not named correctly using the project parameters. (BC:15515)
45762 Performance degradation occurred when opening a PCB if there is an issue with the Collaboration Service connection.
45790 When File > Open Project > Local Projects tab is clicked, the system freezes.
45923 An incorrect icon was used for the 'Comments' command in the right-click menu of the schematic and PCB editors and on the Schematic Standard toolbar.
45943 Performance degradation occurred when pressing the Ctrl+Tab shortcut if libraries on a network share are used.
45969 A pinned or docked state of a panel was not saved after software relaunch. (BC:9777)
Data Management
44653 Obsolete component templates were visible in the Folder Properties dialog.
45688 Renaming a master branch in an external Git repository resulted in absence of project data after making it available on a server.
46126 After auto-updating or refreshing, the project still displays as 'Up to date' and there are no error messages.
45804 The ability to sweep more than two parameters in the Parametric Sweep has been added. (BC:16615)
45940 The X,Y scale settings for plots are now kept during the simulation process for opened and saved .sdf documents.
46036 Voltage on an independent voltage source is now supported as an output variable in DC and Transient Analysis.
46042 Power on functional voltage and current sources is now supported as an output variable in DC and Transient Analysis.
46044 Voltage on a capacitor is now supported as an output variable in DC and Transient Analysis.
46046 Voltage on the current switch is now supported as an output variable in DC and Transient Analysis.
46047 Charge on a capacitor is now supported as an output variable in DC and Transient Analysis.
46049 Current for an independent current source model is now supported as an output variable in DC and Transient Analysis.
46051 Conductance on a current switch is now supported as an output variable in DC and Transient Analysis.
46056 Voltage on a voltage switch is now supported as an output variable in DC and Transient Analysis.
46059 Conductance on a voltage switch is now supported as an output variable in DC and Transient Analysis.
46062 Added Waveforms and Functions drop-downs in the Add Output Expression dialog.

Version 21.6.4 (Update 6 Hot Fix)

Build: 81 Date: 20 August 2021

44591 Software did not respond when importing some x_t format models.
45595 Adding a net to a net class with the ‘Add Selected Nets to NetClass’ command did not update related design rules. (BC:2201)
45781 A wrong Clearance rule was applied during the placement of a via with a chosen template.
45817 Wrong coordinates were displayed in the PCBLIB List panel for 3D bodies.
45818 A newly placed 3D Body in a PcbLib showed incorrect X/Y location coordinates in the Properties panel.
45910 Bottom side components were removed from a specific design after resaving the layer stack in the Layer Stack Manager. (BC:16349)
46309 The 'Undo' command did not function after a footprint was added to a schematic document from SamacSys.
45673 3D component projection lines were shown incorrectly for some components on Board Assembly Views. (BC:10555)
45786 Crash occurred when opening a Draftsman document with a small grid size value.
45799 Extra element numbers appeared for Note objects when the GOST extension is installed.
45825 A custom scale value is shown now in the format of ‘CustomScale:1’ or ‘1:CustomScale’. (BC:7475)
45828 Callout’s Head Style set on the Draftsman – Default page of the Preferences dialog was ignored when placing a Callout in a Draftsman document.
45870 An access violation occurred when selecting print preview for an Export Comments report in an OutJob file.
46389 On the Drawings tab of the Print dialog, the Parameter Sets option cannot be disabled. (BC:16879)
Data Management
46179 Renumbering lines in the BomDoc does not work correctly.
46188 An error occurred when opening the Import Wizard if there was a custom display scale set.
46194 An error occurred when using the Tools > Signal Integrity > Analyze Design > Select Net > Reflection waveforms command.

Version 21.6.1 (Update 6)

Build: 37 Date: 22 July 2021

36686 Net Color function changed the color of various nets, in addition to the selected net, in the SL1 Xilinx Spartan-IIE PQ208 example project.
38603 When quotes were used to concatenate parameters, the concatenation was interpreted incorrectly in the BOM for components located in the project hierarchy. (BC:12806)
39039 The tooltip was not displayed correctly when a NoERC was placed over crossed wires. (BC:13723)
43137 The Sheet Symbol special string parameter is not displayed correctly in the child sheet.
45036 Multiple differential pair rules were created targeting individual nets instead of a single rule.
45061 Columns are now displayed in alphabetical order in the Parameter Table Editor dialog. (BC:7302)
45340 A new project could not be created in a server.
45694 There are no component parameters in the generated PDF if 'Schematic Prints' is not set as the first to be generated. (BC:3707)
40616 Drill symbols did not appear in the PCB document for embedded board arrays. (BC:9896)
41415 Cavities are missing in 3D mode. (BC:15550)
42233 Rooms could not be selected if PCB primitives overlapped the rooms. (BC:7641)
42895 New loaded and modified layer color profiles are not saved on the PCB Editor - Layer Colors Preferences page after closing and reopening Altium Designer.
42896 The Board Outline Clearance design rule yielded a DRC violation with respect to Single Layer Keepout objects.
42897 The pad stack preview in the Properties panel does not update correctly.
42898 Design rule forms were inconsistent when accessed through the PCB Rules and Violations panel.
42907 Incorrect violations were displayed when using Back Drills.
43017 One endpoint of the Standard Dimension object could not be moved when placed between two Line objects. (BC:14269)
43307 The Tool Travel field was not populated after generating an NC Drill file. (BC:12805)
43741 Slow performance when accessing the File menu in a PCB library document after restarting Altium Designer.
44308 Tracks could not be selected if a Via was connected to a Plane Layer.
44607 Bikini coverlay polygons cannot be automatically added on certain flex stacks.
44946 Only the Length rule was displayed in the Properties panel when different values for the Length and Matched Length rules were selected. (BC:13214)
45025 Surface mount pads appeared rectangular when the "Rounded Rectangle" shape was used and viewed in 3D mode.
45066 Creating a new rectangle using the 'Place Rectangle' command with the mouse caused changes in dimensions. (BC:15977)
45090 When there was a not-fitted component on the top side, the mark of this component was shown on the bottom side in the PCB printout.
45135 The via stack type changed to Simple mode after the editing of middle layer parameters is undone.
45185 xSignals broke after updating components from libraries.
45195 When Extruded 3D models were on the bottom layer, they displayed inside the PCB in 3D mode.
45197 PCB component parameters from Embedded Board Arrays are now propagated in the Pick and Place Setup dialog. (BC:8387)
45202 Some generated STEP files excluded holes from pads placed on the board outline.
45220 Pad and via previews were displayed incorrectly. (BC:16101)
45222 Duplicates of existing mechanical layer pairs were created for some boards imported from Eagle.
45223 Keepout objects that were generated as copper caused a short-circuit to occur between polygon and track objects when exported from Ansys EDB.
45296 The Design Rule Check (DRC) would jump to the wrong location when a violation was clicked if the Magnify value was not maximal.
45327 The via stack configuration was incorrectly reset to defaults.
45355 Made several routing improvements.
45391 Some multi-line text could not be selected in the PCB.
45530 The layers in some generated NC Drill files were out of order.
45773 Rectangle size was decreased upon each copy and paste operation if the track width was less than 10mil.
43977 Added Clearance and Target tolerances in the Transmission Line Structure Table. (BC:11393)
44069 Mask options were incorrectly applied on the Board Realistic View. (BC:12501)
45175 Software crashed when adding a Draftsman document to a newly created project when signed into the Nexus Server.
45189 Removed unused zeroes for Width and Height in the Document Options mode of the Properties panel.
45235 Component body and designator objects were reenabled after using the Import Changes from PCB command. (BC:16174)
45278 Cross has been added to the Variants Display field. (BC:14198)
45393 Board outlines and holes were displayed underneath the component after the file was exported to PDF. (BC:13380)
45402 Draftsman Board Realistic View cropped any connectors that were on the edge of the board. (BC:13359)
45428 The Layer Stack Stable settings would return to default when a new Draftsman document was created from a template.
45463 Hexagon and flag shapes have been added to the Callout object to prevent conflicts with existing mechanical drawing standards. (BC:13127)
45626 Added a Justification property to the Draftsman Bill of Materials, Transmission Line Table, Drill Table, Table, and Layer Stack Legend objects. (BC:6923)
45641 The Refresh button did not function after modifying a sheet template. (BC:14326)
45785 Symbol placement was not respected when placed as a hole center.
44296 Crash occurred when opening a schematic library document.
45311 The PCB Editor - Interactive Routing Preferences dialog has been adjusted to save space.
45417 After a DRC is created in a separate window, the system quickly and constantly switches from one window to the other.
45420 Error message appeared when a UNC formatted path was entered in the Document Path field in the System - Default Locations preferences dialog. (BC:16255)
45791 Error occurred when attempting to connect to Altium Concord Pro without an internet connection.
45911 Crash occurred in Outjob files when the print spooler server was stopped.
Data Management
43142 Making Projects Available Online with source files outside of a Project folder is now prevented.
45429 It was not possible to commit a new project into a SVN repository through version control. (BC:16127)
45451 Making Projects Available Online with source files outside of a Project folder is now prevented.
45464 New repository was incorrectly created rather than adding the project to version control.
45632 A generated ODB++ does not display vias when loaded in CST Suite software for 3D analysis simulation purposes.
45758 The Report Manager dialog did not inherit settings and data from the source BomDoc.
45808 When a footprint is edited, mechanical component layer pairs are duplicated.
45200 Centroids (Casm.pcf files) could not be imported from the CAM editor. (BC:3759)
45246 Component values with no entered units in the Comment field were not recognized.
45623 When exporting IPC-2581 components and pads that are located on the bottom layer, they are exported with the wrong orientation.
45317 Improved the display of the multivariate analysis results in the Add Wave to Plot dialog.
45320 Added the set of the hyperbolic for AC analysis for output expressions.
45321 Added the set of the trigonometric for AC analysis for output expressions.
45322 Added the set of the constants in the output expressions.
45323 Added the set of the integral functions for output expressions.
45324 Added support of the V(node) syntax as a voltage for a given node in the expressions.

Version 21.5.1 (Update 5)

Build: 32 Date: 22 June 2021

37962 ECO changes a dot to a comma with the concatenation of parameters if Windows regional settings are set to German where a decimal point is set to a comma. (BC:12774)
39368 Parameter Set values and Differential Pair Routing rules values did not correspond to the Impedance Profile values.
43475 ECO did not remove a duplicated component from the PCB.
43720 The parameter is not rotated after selecting it on the schematic then pressing the Spacebar. (BC:15238)
44056 Regression caused leading spaces to not be trimmed in certain projects. (BC:15416)
44087 The Tools > Update From Libraries command does not allow parameter changes to be reviewed. (BC:15068)
44250 Using the Place NoERC command from the ERC marker right-click menu does not work correctly.
44830 Added the 'Show Automatic Sheet Numbering' option to the System - Projects Panel page of the Preferences dialog and the General settings of the Projects panel.
44839 An ECO does not pass the component classes to the PCB.
45097 Slow performance when panning while actively placing an object. (BC:16091)
41189 The Component Cross Reference Report in an outjob does not auto update when changes are made to the PCB.
42887 When using the Component Class Generator in the Object Class Explorer dialog, Non-Members are not added to Members. (BC:5219)
43820 Online and batch DRC displays violations for Differential Pairs Routing for 'Actual Width' versus 'Target Width'.
44336 Added a warning about the presence of shelved polygons before generating outputs. (BC:7214)
44345 Enhanced the performance speed of the PCB panel when selecting Nets, DiffPairs and xSignals.
44444 The Via name is blank when the via type is updated to a microvia.
44714 Silk to Solder Mask Clearance DRC does not respect 'Solder Mask From The Hole Edge' option for vias. (BC:11551)
44733 Plane region TH pads have no thermal spokes. (BC:15742)
44744 Added the 'Show <component name> in <space name>' command to the right-click menu of the Component Actions sub-menu.
44809 In the Component Rule Check, Keepout primitives in footprints are treated as unconnected with 'Unconnected Copper' warnings.
44831 The Layer Stack Visualizer is missing from the Tools menu in the Layer Stack Manager editor. (BC:15724)
44836 Error occurred when using the File > Fabrication Outputs > IPC-2581 command.
44851 Added an option in the Advanced Settings dialog that allows disabling of the auto-renaming of polygons.
44869 Error occurred when saving a document if there was a component clearance violation.
44888 PCB 3D Print crops every 3D object that is outside the board boundary. (BC:203)
45054 There was a performance delay when moving several components with parameters when the Properties panel is open.
45089 After saving the Layer Stack Manager to the PCB, stiffener layers are changed to core layers. Stiffeners and adhesives are only available in the Layer Stack Manager in Rigid-Flex 2.0. (BC:16099)
45256 Added the PCB.Component.AnyLayerPlacement option to the Advanced Settings dialog that restores the ability to place PCB components on any layer. (BC:16253)
45426 Polygon repouring did not work correctly in hatched polygons in rigid-flex designs. (BC:16192)
45439 The Board Outline Clearance design rule option was not respected in certain solder mask and paste mask layers.
45462 Solder mask and paste mask layers were not present in gerber files when rigid flex was used. (BC:16349)
45473 Only unique solder masks and paste masks will be generated on separate layers, while standard solder masks and paste masks will be generated on the same.
45477 Only unique solder masks will be generated in order to separate ODB++ layers.
45483 After changing the diameter of a via, the clearance violation is not detected with online or batch DRC.
44716 The Draftsman Sheet managed template is not displayed on the Properties panel.
44758 Paste and Solder Mask Expansions for regions, fills, and pads are not displayed for primitives placed on outer layers of flex (thinner) stacks.
44886 The Draftsman - Defaults and Properties panel options are different for Callouts. (BC:10052)
43487 Crash occurred after clicking while in the component editor tab.
45437 Crash occurred when an ODB, NC drill, or gerber file was opened or generated in Windows 7. (BC:16332)
45488 In rare circumstances, the keyboard would freeze for all applications.
Data Management
41439 Layer settings, colors and grids were not properly transferred for newly created Footprints when using a Template (BC:13639)
44239 If a custom filename was used in an outjob file, the filename did not always follow the filename settings.
44597 The local project folder path is not updated when a project is renamed and reopened.
44639 The error "Server did not recognize the value of HTTP Header" was displayed after clicking "Use local file name" if the project was renamed.
44843 Investigate BOM generation performance when design components are from SQL DBLib.
44945 It was not possible to select a BOM template from a folder in the Reports Manager when connected to a server. (BC:15932)
44999 Added a 'Remove from project' decision dialog that allows you to choose how to remove a document. (BC:15822)
45039 All rows in a BomDoc are collapsed when the document is opened after starting Altium Designer.
44372 Default values for simulation model parameters are now used in the Sim Model dialog.
44749 A set of trigonometric functions for output expressions is now provided.
44750 A set of logarithmic functions for output expressions is now provided.
44752 A set of complex operators for output expressions is now provided.
44754 A set of the hyperbolic functions for output expressions is now provided.

Version 21.4.1 (Update 4)

Build: 30 Date: 25 May 2021

35879 The ModifiedDate string was not updated correctly.
39405 Dynamic Compilation resulted in a loss of connectivity where Pins were incorrectly removed from the Net.
40606 Dynamic Compilation displayed incorrect violation of "Unconnected Objects in Net" when objects were connected.
40722 Symbol parameter locations are reset when one of the parameters is getting hidden (BC:14369)
42608 Changes made on the Schematic - Grids page of the Preferences dialog are not applied to open schematics.
43567 System was slow when using the Paste command on large schematic documents.
43750 When saving a component to the server, an invalid Pin Map error occurred.
43758 Improved performance when selecting parts with a large number of parameters.
44579 Grid was misaligned when metric units were used. (BC:16181)
44976 Cursor was shifted from the snap point after a component was double-clicked in the Components panel.
40259 Additional options added to filter data displayed on the embedded board array. (BC:2059; BC:6904)
40966 When placing a component with Custom Pad Shapes on a rigid or flex sub-stack that excludes Top and Bottom Layers, there is no Solder or Paste Mask generated.
41181 Custom pad solder masks on flex layers output on the wrong Gerber layer.
42735 Overlay layers did not display on the PCB when they were disabled in the Layer Stack Manager. (BC:14971)
43999 Slot length was not always greater than the Hole size.
44158 When importing files into Ansys, some components (resistors, inductors, capacitors) are not defined correctly. (BC:11991)
44238 Traces in Net Tie type components resulted in "DC Short Net Error" in the Ansys Output.
44246 Restored the ability to change the coverlay color in the View Configuration panel. (BC:13198)
44311 Some components cannot be selected and moved. (BC:15380)
44327 An output job that had a fabrication outputs test point report set to IPC-D-356A report format with an output file that included periods and a PCB document with an embedded board array resulted in a generated file missing the ".IPC file extension".
44328 The UnRouted Net Constraint flags connections made with fills and solid regions of copper if the 'Check for incomplete connections' option is checked, however, the PCB panel states 0 unrouted nets. (BC:15387)
44332 When running a Design Rule Check for the first time, the parallel segment rule was not highlighted or zoomed in on.
44335 When opening a multichannel PCB, the bounding box of logical designators extends to the size of the physical designators. (BC:14193)
44338 When opening an .idx file that was exported from Altium 20.1.3 into an MCAD tool (NX or SOLIDWORKS), only the board without components is shown.
44346 Added the 'Use Animation' option on the PCB Editor - Display page of the Preferences dialog to toggle animation on/off while zooming, flipping the board and switching layers.
44377 Special String for a Parameter displayed its value rather than the name. (BC:14571)
44378 Slow performance when switching to single-layer mode when the PCB panel was opened in Nets mode.
44485 Solder mask expansions are not displayed for multi-layer regions and cutouts. (BC:15828)
44506 There was a memory leak with certain designs.
44543 Added an option to the PCB Editor - Interactive Routing page of the Preferences dialog that allows you to specify the number of pins when the 'Move component with relevant routing' option is enabled.
44627 After running the Tools > Remove Unused Pad Shapes command, pads cannot be selected. (BC:15136)
44715 Snap points cannot be placed on the edge of a 3D STEP model.
44724 Dragging a component is slow when there are a large number of layers.
44740 A Board Cutout with an edge on a bending area causes a folding failure on the flex board.
44776 Custom pad solder masks on flex layers output on the wrong ODB++ layer.
44871 Optimization for unnecessary postprocessing when modified primitives cannot affect DRC. (BC:3327).
45027 Pullback distance on internal planes is not displayed in 3D mode.
39981 Route Tool Path displays incorrect dimensions. (BC:11557)
40712 After changing the Variant for a BOM item, the change is not displayed (BC:14128)
44110 Improved the display of parameter priorities. (BC:9567)
44258 It was not possible to add a local Draftsman template when signed in to Altium 365. (BC:13957)
44531 Layer Stack Legend font settings were not saved when the document was reopened.
44556 Through-hole and SMD pads were not displayed in the Board Assembly View. (BC:8959)
44617 When the designator of a component on the PCB is changed, the component designator and component body resets to their defaults for the component in the Board Assembly View. (BC:12338)
44654 Comment and Design Item ID have been added to the parameter drop-down list in the Component Display Properties dialog. (BC:11330)
44675 Placing a graphic file (*.jpg) causes a large file size increase.
44712 Added the 'Show No BOM' option for the Board Isometric View, which, when enabled, displays the part in the Board Isometric View even if it is not in the BOM. (BC:9331)
44729 The Component Display Properties could not be saved as a template. (BC:11052)
44769 If Callouts that are not pointing to a source are being used in Draftsman documents, the Print option and export to PDF fail.
44773 The Use Document Font option did not use information from the document template.
44802 An exported PDF with a Drill Drawing View is an extremely large file. (BC:10921)
44805 Tented vias were hidden when the SolderMaskExpansion design rule was applied before a document was updated.
44853 Added the ability to select multiple components in a Board Assembly View. (BC:13266)
44875 Added the 'Override Color' option for a Board Fabrication View that allows you to set the default color for all layers. (BC:14651)
44333 If a design component description contains a special character (for example, ®, °, ²) and a space at the end, the ECO for updating this description appears with every PCB update when it is reopened.
44457 When a panel header was clicked, all other panels that are docked to that panel were initialized.
Data Management
38113 Database libraries that have been converted from OrCAD CIS using the [OrCAD Library] Field mapping reports the models as missing when using the Components panel.
43198 The ability to migrate existing git/svn repositories to Altium 365 after rehosting or registration has been added. (BC:7667)
43887 Added a BOM Compare report for managed projects that include a BOM document that displays what was changed in the release.
44297 Project Releaser caused an abnormally long wait time if no modified files were present during VCS check.
44445 Error occurred when saving a file to the server.
44815 The Save to Server reminder dialogs were added upon project closing.
41381 Added the ability to import Allegro footprint files (*.dra). (BC:8580)
44144 Altium Designer closed after adding an output expression in the Add Output Expression dialog.
44389 Added a quick access list to set the simulation model in the Sim Model dialog.
44391 The '.func' command, which defines functions used in expressions, was added in the netlist parser.
44392 The '.func' command, which defines functions used in expressions, was added in the math expression parser.
44655 Added new output expression window to provide extended wave to plot compatibility
44656 Added additional fields to the Add Output Expression dialog to provide wide wave to plot compabilitbility.
44756 Added support for a Windows dialog when choosing the simulation model.

Version 21.3.2 (Update 3 Hot Fix)

Build: 30 Date: 29 April 2021

44949 A text string displayed in in-line mode is cut off depending on font style and size.
Data Management
44601 All rows in a BomDoc are collapsed when the document is opened after starting Altium Designer.

Version 21.3.1 (Update 3)

Build: 25 Date: 22 April 2021

37299 Repeated font setting actions were needed to apply properties for multiple text objects. (BC:13764)
37517 The justification of net labels printed to a PDF with Physical Structure is incorrect if the justification is set to Right. (BC:13190)
37942 Smart Edit for a pin designator in a schematic library document does not add the numeric value when using the formula '!+' and there is failure error.
38680 Received error during netlist generation. (BC:13579)
39340 The position of the string over the not-fitted component's graphics was not aligned to the center of symbol. (BC:13856)
39602 Project templates containing schematic sheets in the subfolder resulted in invalid messages about duplicate designators and several sheets with the same name.
40688 Font settings were not properly displayed if schematic templates with other fonts were used.
42014 "Output Sheet Entry" connection was not detected if the violation was set to 'Warning' or 'Error'.
42728 Text with a hyperlink does not move from its origin/pointer location using the mouse or keyboard.
43055 Incorrect Variant UniqueID values were shown in the Schematic document.
43088 Special strings in schematic don't reflect project options parameters (BC:15754)
43139 Some schematic files displayed a blanket as diagonal lines. (BC:10481)
43493 The visibility of the "Comment" Name was not saved after applying changes in the Schematic - Defaults page of the Preferences dialog.
43574 The delete command was not available for a Schematic Library sub-part.
43596 It was not possible to edit a text object editing if it was selected by the mouse's right-left selection motion. (BC:15282)
43603 The Find Text - Jump to Results did not adhere to the zoom level set on the System - Navigation page of the Preferences dialog.
43618 An ECO from a schematic to a PCB added a new part and removed the previously added part on the PCB. (BC:15182)
43879 Text wrapping for a note does not work properly. (BC:15269)
43944 It was not possible to select local schematic templates when the layout customizations were already configured.
44030 Improved the Ctrl+F search text tool to find part parameters.
44112 Missing BOM variants for multi-part components if the variants were on different sheets of the hierarchical design.
44259 When multiple sheet entries were selected, they could not be moved smoothly and precisely.
44289 Received an error during ECO if pad designators contained dashes. (BC:15530)
44355 Software froze when closing Altium Designer.
24505 Error occurs when generating a PCB 3D Print with a Render Resolution of 300 and 600 DPI.
40536 The Board Information Report was not taking hidden nets into account for the 'Routing completion' information.
41867 Design Outputs did not export the rotation of pads from the Solder Mask layer for a package correctly.
42009 Snapping does not work properly when dragging vias or tracks if the corresponding snap options are enabled in the Properties panel. (BC:14503)
42231 Snapping to the board edge did not function properly.
42357 Snapping to arc centers did not function properly. (BC:5444)
42358 Snap points were displayed even though they were disabled in the Guide Manager region of the Properties panel. (BC:12451)
42516 Added the ability to lock 3D Board Regions. (BC:15248)
43459 Added a custom grid for MCAD coordinates.
43694 An issue caused text placed on a polygon to not be selectable after the polygon was moved or flipped.
43698 An issue caused two pads to appear in the selection window of a PCB Library document although only one was placed.
43827 Changing only the visibility of layers showed the document as modified. (BC:15072)
43833 Added the 'Include Miters' option to the Interactive Sliding mode of the Properties panel to treat miters as normal tracks when dragging.
43864 "The input value is invalid" warning was shown for the Snap Distance if a Snap Grid value was selected.
43892 When rotating components, the rotation of 360 degrees is now displayed as 0 degrees. (BC:14474)
43924 Added hotkeys to control the height of Sawtooth tuning patterns.
43950 Added control over dragging a track with or without an attached miter. Press the C shortcut to toggle the Include Miter mode.
43961 Pressing 'Tab' in the PCB document resulted in lost symbols. (BC:10716)
44001 Removed the visible gap on the edge between 2 regions with different layers stacks for the Rigid-Flex design.
44012 The Direct Connection between a via and a polygon changes to a Thermal Relief connection automatically when the via is connected to a track and is moved.
44081 The Layer Stack Manager incorrectly loaded with "Stack Symmetry" disabled and the surface finish layer removed.
44094 Added the PCB.Rendering.MultiselectionDrag option in the Advanced Settings dialog to control multi-selection rendering.
44095 Masking and Highlighting did not work for trace and via sliding.
44113 ODB++ outputs with 'mm' units selected resulted in an incorrectly generated polygon.
44145 The PCB was rendered without the solder mask through semi-transparent 3D models if the 3D model was embedded in a component footprint. (BC:15468)
44151 The board cutouts of Embedded Board Arrays were not displayed in 2D View mode.
44159 Component layers were not shown correctly in 3D view for the Rigid-Flex design. (BC:15400)
44171 Vias without drill span assignment did not get generated in ODB++ files.
44207 "Conductive" and "non-conductive" were misspelled when using Printed Electronics in the Layer Stack Manager. (BC:15536)
44226 The texture was not displayed on the rotated 3D Body in the PCB document. (BC:15493)
44231 A bug in Automatic Loop Removal in presence of partial vias has been fixed. (BC:15030)
37306 Transparent hatched fills are not displayed in exported PDFs.
38928 The Undo command only changed one instance rather than all when the "Apply changes to all instances of same BOM item" was enabled in the Board Assembly View mode of the Properties panel. (BC:13710)
40419 Components through hole pads were not displayed on Board Isometric View and 3D bodies were displayed incorrectly. (BC:8126)
42611 Repositioning and modifying the BOM table resulted in the table's removal from the Draftsman document.
42710 Error occurs after placing a Layer Stack Legend or Board Fabrication View.
43004 Linear Dimension units were sometimes changed from inches to millimeters. (BC:11134)
43761 Graphics on a PDF output were not rendered properly. (BC:13175)
43874 The Draftsman BOM column justification was lost after adding a new column.
43875 Unable to edit Ordinate Dimension object properties. (BC:11760)
44021 When a parameter is changed for several callouts at the same time, the location of all callouts are moved to one location. (BC:14311)
44424 The title of the note from the Draftsman template was deleted upon use in the new Draftsman document. (BC:10034)
40281 Mouse-clicking and typing was unreliable and often caused parameters to be set incorrectly. (BC:10716)
43972 When creating a new project, the 'Create Project' icon remains on the screen although the project is created. (BC:14747)
44255 There was a slowdown when expanding nodes in the Projects panel.
Data Management
33989 Error occurred when trying to clone a component in the Explorer panel if the folder's template of the cloned component was deleted.
42383 Sorting in ascending/descending order, the display of parameters and units of measure did not work properly in the Explorer panel. (BC:14822)
42818 The BOM and the Manufacturer Part Search panel did not display the same suppliers.
43209 Improved the performance speed when using the Manufacturer Part Search panel.
43260 Exception error "Member not found" message during save operation when Custom Data Synchronization was installed.
43668 The Run Version Control > Compare with Head command did not detect changes.
43723 An error would appear when attempting to assign an existing footprint to a newly created component.
44007 System performance is slow when generating a BOM to Excel without a template.
44141 Improved comment exporting.
44640 Hard crash occurred when attempting to save a footprint in the Single Component Editor. (BC:15599)
44023 The Ansys Exporter generated pads on the wrong layers. (BC:15437)
38878 Excluding Part from Simulation resulted in a "Could not map pin" error message.
42053 Added the display of Simulation Results in the Simulation Dashboard panel.
43279 The 'temper' variable is now supported in math expressions for LTSPICE models.
43280 The 'idtmod' function is now supported in math expressions for LTSPICE models.
43300 The delay function is now supported in the Transient Analysis for LTSPICE models.
43535 BJT output current plotting in AC analysis is now supported.
43649 The settings for additional Group Tolerances in Monte-Carlo analysis have been added to the Advanced Analysis Settings dialog.
43674 Added Interval and Period options for Transient Analysis in the Simulation Dashboard panel.
43991 Added the 'RnodeToGnd' advanced parameter (used to process the DC path to ground) with a default value of '1e12'.
44015 Default values for AC analysis are now used in the Advanced Analysis Settings dialog.

Version 21.2.2 (Update 2 Hot Fix 2)

Build: 38 Date: 19 March 2021

44177 A regression caused a crash to occur after placing a Harness Entry if the "Enable Auto Pan" option was enabled.
Data Management
44280 A regression caused the software to slow down due to recurring duplicate requests sent to SettingService.

Version 21.2.1 (Update 2 Hot Fix)

Build: 34 Date: 11 March 2021

44132 A selected item is invisible while using the Edit > Duplicate command.
44133 Dragging multiple items by Ctrl+Left mouse button leaves a copy of the items in the original location until the drag is completed.
44134 Zooming on a schematic document did not function properly if an object was Copy and Pasted in. (BC: 15471)
42633 A polygon did not respect the clearance rule for the board outline. (BC:15474)
42664 Error occurred after clicking Enter to commit tracks that have been dragged.

Version 21.2.0 (Update 2)

Build: 30 Date: 4 March 2021

38596 Differential Pairs contained in Harness signals were disconnected in the PCB after updating the design.
39170 Duplicates of device sheets appear in the Projects panel. (BC:13706)
40587 The results of the Copy and Paste commands were not saved in the Variant Management dialog. (BC:14237)
42499 Changing the Font Size to "10 pt" was not possible in the Schematic document. (BC:15146)
42633 Port Cross-Reference error message was missing upon the failed attempt to add to the project. (BC:14810)
42664 Objects that were locked using the SCHList panel are not locked and the Locked option is unchecked when the schematic is closed then reopened. (BC:15107)
42920 Image files places from the network folder could not be placed on a schematic.
43010 Objects still follow the mouse cursor after releasing the left mouse button while moving objects using Ctrl+left mouse click.
43161 Redundant sheet numbers were added in Port Cross Reference values in repeated instances of the port.
43235 The Zooming level in the Highlight Methods region of the System - Navigation page of the Preferences dialog was not followed and did not take pinned panels into account. (BC:15017)
43245 A wire did not return to its initial state if moving a wire vertex was canceled using the Esc key. (BC:15038)
43248 Pin parameters that reference parameters from a database were not displayed correctly. (BC:14990)
43454 A generated PDF outjob did not add the correct variant parameters to the title.
43710 A schematic outjob did not update variant parameters. (BC:15229)
43718 An issue caused cross references to adopt signal names rather than port names if a few different ports were connected to the same signal.
43837 System is slow when pasting with the Shift key.
36537 The Top Solder Layer name was incorrectly replaced with the Top Flex Coverlay name in the ODB++ files.
39852 An issue caused an error to occur after the via hole size was changed and the width field data was applied.
40438 Internal layers were missing after generating PCB from an exported CAM file.
41218 Exporting ODB++ outputs resulted in the incorrect values for Copper weight when metric units were used.
42695 Performance degradation occurred when attempting to fold Rigid-Flex design.
42836 Components that contained incorrectly built circles were unselectable.
42889 If a PCB layer had two or more polygon pours with the same name, the checkboxes in the Polygon Pour Manager could not be easily selected.
42890 Connection Lines disappeared when the True Type text bounding box contained multi-line text.
43091 When ODB++ Fabrication outputs are generated, the text in the Drill Table and the Layer Stack Table is not displayed.
43150 Board Outline Clearance produced false violations when changing the Board Shape. (BC:15199)
43213 Added several improvements to the PCB Rectangle object.
43306 Teardrops settings were not saved in the system after configuration. (BC:7990)
43328 Added an aspect ratio option to the Rectangle mode of the Properties panel.
43373 Improvements were made to routing including pad stability support for round pads and the ability to create concentric arcs during retrace and dragging of differential pairs.
43451 The Rules and Violations panel incorrectly displayed several 'Net Antennae' violations.
43612 PCB is rendered without Solder Mask visible through semi-transparent 3D models. (BC:15261)
43623 An invalid Clearance Violation appeared after correcting the diameter size for the top layer Pad of a Via.
43638 Running the Design Rule Check with 'PCB.EngineX.Instancing' enabled took 60 times longer than with the disabled option.
43648 Certain PCB documents were not saving properly and resulted in an error message.
43664 Design Rule Checking resulted in Unrouted Net errors for uVias. (BC:15180)
43665 After placing a 3D Body component, the texture is not displayed in 3D Layout mode even though it is displayed in the PCBLIB. (BC:15399)
43611 Error occurred while importing changes from the board when the Route Tool Path was defined in the PCB but primitives have not been placed. (BC:15049)
43898 Error message populated when attempting to update templates. (BC:15342)
43453 Text scaling when not using a 4K display in the Properties panel resulted in missing text.
43705 An issue caused folders to disappear in the Explorer panel after changing the folder type to "ComponentTemplates" when connected to a Standard Workspace.
Data Management
37441 Incorrect Parameter values were shown for Variants in the Pick & Place dialog.
42936 Clicking the Search button in the File-based Libraries Search dialog when Footprints was selected in the 'Search' in drop-down resulted in the search being executed yet the search spinner remained.
43045 Improved Save to Server interface for version-controlled projects and file-less items.
43344 Two new violation types have been added to the Component Rule Checks to prevent duplicate components by Name and PCL in the Single Component Editor.
43634 The 'Remove from Project' command has been restored and renamed 'Exclude from Project'. (BC:15179)
43726 Error occurred when releasing a component.
43779 Using a UNC format for network paths on the Data Management - Templates page of the Preferences dialog resulted in an error. (BC:15275)
39692 Stackup and materials data from Altium Designer can now be imported to the ODB++ Design Viewer.
40909 The Hyperlynx Exporter now includes component values and part numbers.
41400 Added generation of special symbols for SPICE components described by the .model command.
41602 All input fields in the Simulation Dashboard panel for DC, AC and Transient Analysis now contain default values.
43471 Simulation dashboard does not require verification on minor changes.
43512 Added support for *.cir files as SPICE library files.
43588 Improved component model storage to store only the necessary model description.
43671 Reference net name could be specified in Advanced simulation settings
43896 PSPICE library files *cir are now supported.

Version 21.1.1 (Update 1)

Build: 26 Date: 12 February 2021

37746 Using the same Schematic document in multiple projects caused that Schematic document to be multiplied in the Projects panel. (BC:13281)
37979 Components and Nets sections were not displayed after Project Validation contained in the MultiBoard project.
38009 Harnesses nested by using a dot connection resulted in an invalid error message. (BC:13269)
38229 "Synchronize Sheet Entries and Port" option adds "repeat" string to port's name in cases when repeat function was used in sheet entry.
38231 Using "$Component$ChannelAlpha" with more than 26 channels generated a non-alpha index. (BC:13423)
38732 Numeric interpretation of Color was inconsistent between the Properties panel and the Find Similar Objects dialog. (BC:13657)
39107 Dynamic Compilation did not detect changes of alternate parameters added from the Variant Manager. (BC:13784)
39276 Transparency of objects did not display properly in Print preview or in printed PDF.
41201 Pin Swapping did not work in the Schematic.
41520 Using the Zoom command in the SCHList panel fails to work.
42324 ECO incorrectly transferred parts with the same footprint and detected differences from each launch.
42327 The Parameters for Multipart Alternate Variants did not display in the generated PDF.
42387 When "Snap to Electrical Objects Hotspots" was disabled, dragging a part resulted in a lost connection.
42618 NoERC directive suppressed violations that should not be affected.
42758 An extra extension separator dot (".") is added when using Save As to save *.dft files.
42784 Setting Project Variants resulted in an "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error message.
42789 Copy (String, Index, Count) functions do not work if the Count value specifies more characters than are available.
42790 Copy functions - String, Index, and Count - did not work if the Index Value was greater than 1.
42793 When a schematic has been saved in binary 4.0 format, the schematic opens without any parts.
42796 In-place text editing resulted in a crash when the Enable Auto Pan option on the Schematic - Graphical Editing page of the Preferences dialog was disabled. (BC:12890)
42827 Placing a Harness connector on the Schematic sheet resulted in an error message. (BC:14880)
42941 Adding a SCHLIB file in the Library Splitter Wizard does not function.
42953 "Duplicates not allowed" error message popped up as a result of launching different commands in the Schematic.
42958 ECO incorrectly applied changes to Schematic documents after re-annotation instead of the existing annotation file.
42978 The user-defined parameters for Variants were not shown on the Schematic sheet.
43028 Alpha-Numeric Suffix options were incorrectly applied to single Parts.
43030 Crash occurred when attempting to place parts from the Database Library on the Schematic sheet.
43067 Parameter manager did not work with 'Selected Objects Only' selected in the Schematic Library document. (BC:14931)
43113 Smart Paste commands launched in Symbol Wizard dialog resulted in an error message. (BC:14974)
43149 The Schematic Default primitives from the Preferences dialog did not load. (BC:14886)
26366 Maximum zoom level was lower for PCB library documents and for PCB documents in 3D mode that are set to Perspective projection in the View Configuration panel. (BC:9409)
31695 The 'BoardOutlineClearance' rule disappears from the waived violations when the PCB is reopened. (BC:14162)
40476 The Component Rule Checks always point to the first footprint in the PcbLib file.
40910 The Unrouted Net violation was not detected for an unconnected pad.
41824 Width rule configured with Impedance Profile resulted in a false violation even when the actual width was equal to the target width. (BC:11506)
41866 Layers were configured incorrectly after placing components on the PCB. (BC:14245)
42184 Snap to Footprint Origin did not function properly in the Footprint Library editor.
42229 Selection in the PCB List panel did not work properly.
42590 Significant memory consumption resulted in a software delay when large designs were opened.
42819 "Unable to Save File" error message popped up as a result of editing/modifying objects in PCB document.
42857 It was not possible to add Snap Points on the 3D body with the speed of the double-mouse click. (BC:14637)
42944 The Top Paste Mask is not displayed in 2D mode until the layer properties are changed in the Layer Stack Manager.
42974 PCB document was incorrectly covered with the Top Overlay layer color in 2D and 3D view upon reopening PCB.
42980 When a polygon that had an unused pad shape removed was repoured, clearance rules were not obeyed. (BC:14891)
43224 The Region Shape Splitter displayed the wrong number of regions after splitting and the shapes were incorrect.
41471 Software crash as a result of opening certain Draftsman documents.
41841 The solder mask color changes after placing a Board Realistic View. (BC:11962)
42195 The incorrect weight units were displayed in the Layer Stack Legend.
42805 Notes placement and editing in the Draftsman document was fixed (BC:12181)
43147 Crash occurred after updating the Board Assembly View.
40216 Comments usability has been improved to be included in every aspect of the collaboration and review process.
42189 Added support for Single Sign-on.
42419 Software became unusable during the Altium 365 Server outage.
42593 Moving and opening panels resulted in a software crash.
42688 The collaboration notification pop-up dialogs are now blue.
42737 The screenshot quality of the Schematic sheets and PCB design has been improved.
42834 After attempting to share projects in Altium Designer, a message displays stating that the user does not belong to the team.
42872 When trying to create or open a project or file that resides in a shared network folder or network-mounted drive, Altium Designer closes.
43015 The Document Path location specified on the System - Default Locations page of the Preferences dialog is not followed. (BC:14950)
Data Management
38073 Crash occurred when generating BOM from the output job.
40566 Progress status indicator for file-based libraries search was not displayed in the Components panel. (BC:12731)
40853 The Project Releaser has been improved to better support Parameters.
40952 Multi-board schematic template selection did not use the folder specified on the Data Management - Templates page of the Preferences dialog. (BC:13545)
41114 Altium 365 registration is now recognized if a project was added to the external VCS manually after it was registered with the cloud.
41851 Incorrect error message popped up when using the Project Releaser. (BC:14609)
42270 After a failed library migration, the imported components are visible in the Components panel but cannot be edited.
42301 The 'Where Used' logic has been unified for the Explorer panel and the Components panel.
42346 Components used in Templates were not visible in the "Where Used" section.
42474 The deleted Component Template was still displayed on the Data Management - Component Types page of the Preferences dialog.
42533 Added possibility to copy and paste Comment thread as a link.
42686 The Collaboration pop-up dialogs have been restructured to demonstrate when a collaborator appears, when the first editor appears, when the document has been opened for the first time, and when there are changes in the collaborator list.
42694 Renaming a project group does not function properly. (BC:14840)
42795 BOM report had differences depending upon which document was active when the command was run (PCB or schematic).
42812 When using Cross Selection in the Constraints Manager, dark text appeared on a dark background, which made it unreadable.
42928 Nexus Client did not transfer the newly added documents via Version Control to the Project structure.
43050 SIM models are now supported in the Components panel.
43054 Made several improvements to the Project Releaser.
43121 ActiveBOM does not update stock data unless a new BomDoc is added.
43135 The system froze if a footprint had the same name as the component.
43141 Hidden Components prevented non-admin users from adding new components with the same CMP ID.
43146 Files in the Project subfolder lead the Version Control commital to fail.
43200 When the “Register Designator” command was run, an error displayed for the initial configuration of the GOSTBOM directory.
43360 Defined Generic Components will be used for the component search during component replacement.
43605 A crash occurred when a component was acquired from the Manufacturer Part Search panel. (BC:15243)
42460 Object reference was not set to an instance of an object in the Altium BOM report.
43008 An error occurred when opening a BOM configuration that had referenced a BOM template from another workspace.
42048 The fields for the plot number in which the simulation data will be displayed are presented in the Add Output Expression dialog.
42052 Added new feature for renaming Simulation results.
42597 Added independent variable types for DCSweep Analysis in the Simulation Dashboard.
42669 Added F1 capability for the Simulation Dashboard panel.
42740 DDT Function in the Transient Analysis is now supported.
42756 The SDT function is now supported in Transient Analysis.
42903 The delay function for LTspice model is now supported in the Transient Analysis.

Version 21.0.9 (Hot Fix)

Build: 235 Date: 11 January 2021

41253 User-defined variant parameter values were not displayed on the schematic document.
41983 Alpha Numeric Suffix was not applied for Numeric state.
42325 Variant parameters included in Special strings were not shown on the Schematic sheet.
42845 Parameter values with a dash (-) and zeroes display incorrectly. (BC:14889)
42726 Paste Masks are not displayed for primitives in the PCB library. (BC:14892)
42863 Dead copper around a Keepout was not removed when repouring Polygons. (BC:14952)
42973 Incorrect 3D models are displayed in the 3D view when the PCB document is opened.
42572 Access violation in ScriptingSystem.dll during component creation in Altium Library Loader script from Samacsys.

Version 21.0.8

Build: 223 Date: 17 December 2020

35995 The Comment Name is not visible while moving it.
36454 DM_CalculateParameterValue function resulted in an error during Script execution.
36952 Pad designators are now displayed rather than the Pin designator in the case of unsymmetrical pin to pad mapping.
37878 'Convert selected device sheet to schematic sheet' option did not remove the converted device sheet from the project. (BC:12665)
37958 Crash occurred when Schematic document and Schematic Filter panel were located on separate windows. (BC:13339)
37970 Components were displayed incorrectly. (BC:13297)
37977 Graphics pasted from Paint are not always added to the PDF. (BC:13351)
38072 "Add Template to Clipboard" option resulted in an exception error message.
38286 Net names were not overridden by Power Port names if Power Ports were connected via Bus. (BC:13449)
38598 Modification of the numeration of compiled sheets is not saved (BC:13586)
38717 Added ability to add parameters to Wires. (BC:11099)
38746 The order of parameters drawing is changed during updating from the library as well as after deleting and performing an undo. (BC:13719)
38929 The grid in the symbol editor is not always aligned to the origin.
39274 Parts with no pins do not snap to the grid when they are placed by dragging from the Components panel. (BC:14364)
40246 The Model Pin Designator was not saved after editing in the Model Map dialog. (BC:14182)
40477 The cutter box graphics in the "Break Wire" tool became invisible when placed over a harness signal object.
40737 'Not fitted' graphics were not centered over the component. (BC:24228,14209)
40871 The interactive PDF navigation for ports and offsheet connectors does not work in flat designs.
41161 Large grey rectangles were incorrectly displayed instead of grey bold net lines when generating the Schematic to PDF. (BC:13824)
41194 Schematic symbol graphics did not maintain rotation after reloading Schematic.
41239 Autocomplete naming function in the Schematic obstructed the ability to customize Port names.
41429 When a Library Report was generated, the graphics were incorrect.
42647 When multiple objects were selected and moved in the schematic library document, the selected objects disappeared. (BC:14832)
ROUTING-3530 An issue caused infinitely repeating error messages to occur when attempting to modify an existing accordion in some cases.
34900 Added support for component collision checking between component courtyards (objects placed on a component layer pair defined as Courtyard), these are used when there are no 3D Body objects in the components. (BC:3146)
37152 3D body created in SolidWorks 2020 SP1 could not be added in Altium Designer, with no warning message appearing when attempted.
37266 'Distribute Vertically' and 'Distribute Horizontally' commands from the Edit > Align sub-menu performed incorrect spacing between primitives. (BC:13572)
38592 Improved performance for Pad/Via selection with open properties panel and preview enabled.
38652 The delay value in the PCB panel did not change after the parameters that affected the xSignal value were changed, then saved in the Layer Stack Manager.
38875 Polygon Arc approximation creates unnecessarily narrow necks. (BC:4314)
39006 Added polar grid coordinates to Properties panel and Heads Up Display (HUD). (BC:590)
39008 Added the ability to place an image on PCB layer using the Place>Graphic command. PNG, BMP, JPG and SVG formats supported. (BC:10969)
39082 ActiveRoute command ignored 'No Net' Polygon and Region objects.
39159 DRC did not report two or more pins with no connected nets as short circuits. (BC:13783)
39180 Exception error occurred when saving a PCB Library after custom grid settings were changed.(BC:13713)
39247 View Configuration panel custom settings were not saved on certain PCBs.
39663 When multiple layer stacks are used and a 3D STEP model is generated, the flex region was not distinguishable from the rigid region. (BC:9822)
40241 Changing the line radius when placing a line does not work correctly. (BC:14137)
40279 Track width for hatched polygons is not working when hidden and the track width value in the preview differs from the hidden preview. (BC:14225)
40287 The Remove Unused Pad Shapes' command did not work correctly with offset holes. (BC:9744)
40298 When a selected object that has a room within the selected object was moved, the reference point was changed. (BC:371)
40410 Clearance miscalculation when running a Design Rule Check as a result of factoring slot size and ignoring hole length.(BC:11879)
40462 Interactive Routing resulted in a large memory leak when the Swapping option was enabled in the project design.
40618 An issue caused cutouts to be ignored by the Board Outline Clearance for silkscreens, resulting in a design rule violation to be generated. (BC:9144)
40773 Added the ability to save PCB 3D prints using the File>Export command in *.png, *.jpg, and *.bmp formats. (BC:1397)
40778 Mechanical layers are now displayed in the PCB 3D mode. (BC:301)
40782 The ability to orient with polar grids while moving or dragging rooms or multiple selected components has been added. (BC:9988)
40792 Added 'Remove Loops with Vias' option to Routing Properties panel. (BC:8781)
41122 Added an option in the Advanced Settings dialog to set layer sorting modes.
41182 The Copy All Objects Touching the Room command does not update polygon and via nets for a new channel. (BC:11653)
41348 The accuracy of the selection of tuning patterns has been improved.
41354 Invalid layers are no longer displayed in the layers list for Component placement. (BC:9114)
41425 3D bodies are missing in exported STEP files.
41502 Added "+/-" buttons for rotation to the 3D Body Properties panel. (BC:8583)
41503 Added number keyboard shortcuts for 3D view controls. (BC:7726)
41656 Improved the speed of saving PCB documents on network drive. (BC:2399)
41801 Added dedicated snapping to arc centers.
41826 Added ability to pour modified polygons during Design Rule Check.
42006 Added "Quick Routing" and "Quick Differential Pair Routing" commands to the Route menu.
42087 When trying to route on specific PCBs, the 'Simbeor error. Failed to add material' message is displayed. (BC:14645)
42146 Snapping on the current layer snaps to the Keep-Out layer.
42179 Optimal Void Rotation options was added for polygon. (BC:4314)
42403 In the Layer Stack Manager, added a top panel with modification buttons, the ability to add new types of layers, and in Draftsman, added new layers of support.
39519 Silkscreen primitives for the Board Assembly View were not correctly drawn. (BC:12405)
42061 The "VersionControl_ProjFolderRevNumber" and "VersionControl_RevNumber" special strings were not updated in the Draftsman PDF document after being released and instead displayed a "not in version control" error.
38800 UI themes support and high DPI support have been added in certain dialogs and editors.
39108 Context menus were not rendered on the second monitor if the main monitor had 4K resolution and High DPI.
40161 Error occurred when generating prints when no 'No-ERC Markers with Symbols' options in the Schematic Print Properties dialog were enabled.
41733 Outjob dialog popup window is now resizable horizontally. (BC:6227)
42008 Restored "Save As" command in right-click menu options for single documents in the Projects panel (BC:14701).
42570 Converting polygons to region objects resulted in a Scripting error.
Data Management
35873 When the Item Manager Automatch option was used, the correct footprint was not selected.
36764 PDF schematic output jobs generated by the Release Manager with the Version Control Revision number resulted in the PDF 'Not in Version Control'.
36880 'Description' parameter column has been added to the Single Component Editor. (BC:12077) (BC:7192)
38668 Added ability to save the component selection after the Refresh command has been used. (BC:13295)
39500 Added the ability to use the "Update to the Latest Revision" command for alternate parts in an ActiveBOM document.
40615 An error appeared after a BOM PDF that contained an image was generated through the PDF Output job container. (BC:14020)
40946 Nexus Client did not show server project templates when "Sign in automatically" and TC2 configuration was used.
40954 'Where Used' section from the Components panel did not display Project Template items.
40955 It was not possible to mouse scroll the scroll bar of the Template's drop-down menu.
41312 The Components panel now supports Simulation Model browsing.
41469 Catastrophic failure when columns grouping was enabled in the Components panel.
41599 Simulation Models Panel to browse the model from the Local libraries storage and Simulation Generic Component Library
41617 Mapping schemas are now supported for component references in DBLibs during Library Migration.
41799 Warning message regarding the disabled Data Management server continued to pop up unnecessarily during startup.
41811 The Manufacturer Part Search Panel now supports Simulation model browsing.
41835 Parameters' visibility in the Properties panel component area is now managed by the user.
41888 The 'VersionControl_ProjFolderRevNumber' and 'VersionControl_RevNumber' special strings were not updated for PDF documents that were generated during project release.
41950 Customize the browse model based on Components panel in Local libraries according to the model UI
42067 The Components panel has updated how Simulation models are previewed.
37344 Protel importer was not importing .DDB files. (BC:13078)
39372 Added the ability to import Pspice schematic files with connected models
40701 A new schematic and symbol library file format has been added to the KiCAD importer.
41034 Stroke Text was incorrectly exported to DXF/DXG as individual tracks. (BC:10437)
41594 Ansys exported .edb file resulted in incorrect layer assignment for single-layer pads.
40088 Fourier Analysis has been added to the Simulation dashboard.
40102 Support has been added for switching between SPICE formats - LTSpice, PSpice, and MixedSim.
40542 Added output expressions window in the simulation dashboard.
41001 Added support for SPICE libraries in the Components panel.
41109 Transient Analysis UIC flag is now included in Mixed Simulation.
41110 The Run buttons are now disabled if the verification was unsuccessful or was not up-to-date.
41112 Added the ability to select the probe or source from the dashboard to open the Properties panel.
41214 A new feature automatically assigns models for R, L, C components from the Simulation dashboard.
41215 A feature has been added that allows you to choose the source of the included simulation model in the SimModel window.
41216 All simulation models of a project are now stored in a single model file.
41285 Simulation data is now shown on plots according to the type - Probe or Expression.
41299 The Simulation Properties panel has been updated with new features.
41309 Simulation profiles are now autoloaded.
41475 The Simulation profiles processing has been updated as project documents displayed in the Projects panel.
41483 The Component Library of the SimModel window has been updated to account for Altium 365 Simulation.
41505 The feature to sweep parameters in the Parameter sweep by Decade, Octave, and List has been added.
41600 Simulation global parameters, errors, and warnings have been added to the Simulation dashboard.
41749 The models of all placed components are now stored in a special cache library.
41810 The Simulation Model verification is now available in the Sim Model Window.
42047 The Simulation process has been sped up with interactive plotting data.
42051 A new feature allows you to set the color of the probe's plot in the Simulation Dashboard.
42114 The Simulation data of unlocked transient analysis is now displayed in the Probe Window.
42119 Global parameters defined in the NSX text blocks are now displayed in the Advanced Settings Window as disabled items.
42423 Improved Pin Mapping is released for the Simulation models.
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