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Line Number Options

The Line Number Options dialogThe Line Number Options dialog


The Line Number Options dialog is used to configure the numbering start value and increment.


In an ActiveBOM, click the drop-down to the right of the Set Line Number button () then select the Line # options command.


  • Start number - the value to use in the first empty Line # cell.
  • Increment - increment each Line # by this amount.
Click the main region of the Set Line Number button  to number the lines defined in the dialog.
The values entered in the dialog are retained for subsequent uses of the Line # command.


  • If some or all of the line numbers have already been defined and the Line # command is run again, the Line numbering information dialog will open.  Choose the appropriate action to be applied.

  • Line numbers also can also be defined in an external application then copied and pasted into the Line # column.
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