Text Editor UI Elements

What are Text Editor UI Elements?

Text Editor UI Elements in the CircuitMaker software are ribbon commands that are specific to working in the text editor. The text editor is accessed when editing a text file in the design space.

For ribbon commands that are specific to other editors (PCB, SCH, SCHLIB, Component, etc.,), refer to those editors using the documentation navigation tree.

For ribbon commands that are general in nature (e.g., panel access, saving projects, printing, etc.,), refer to Common UI Elements.

Elements of the Text Editor Environment

  1. Commands, available from the Home tab of the ribbon menus, used to perform various functions within the Text editor.
  2. The content of the opened text document.
  3. Status area, presenting the following information:
    1. The current text cursor position, in the format: Line number: Character position.
    2. The current Insert Mode, which can either be Insert (additional text is added into the document at the cursor position) or Overwrite (additional text overwrites existing text as you type). Toggle this mode using the Insert keyboard shortcut.
    3. If a line has been updated, Modified will also be displayed in the Status area (along with a yellow pipe at the start of the modified line).


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