Layer Stack Editor UI Elements

What are Layer Stack Editor UI Elements?

Layer Stack Editor UI Elements in the CircuitMaker software are commands that are specific to working in the layer stack editor. The layer stack editor is accessed by adding or editing a layer stack from a *.CMPcbDoc document in the design space.

For ribbon commands that are specific to other editors (PCB, SCH, Component, etc.,), refer to those editors using the documentation navigation tree.

For ribbon commands that are general in nature (e.g., panel access, saving projects, printing, etc.,), refer to Common UI Elements.

Elements of the Layer Stack Editor Environments

  1. Ribbons and commands - use to perform various commands and functions in the Layer Stack editor.
  2. Layer Stack - displays how the layers are arranged in the vertical direction or Z plane.
  3. Stackup/Via Types tabs - the Stackup tab details the fabrication layers. Layers are added, removed and configured in this tab. The Via Types tab is used to define the allowed Z-plane layer-spanning requirements of the via(s) used in the design.