User Interface

CircuitMaker's unified design environment consists of various user interface elements plugged into a core platform. Together with the core platform itself, these elements provide the interface of the software – its features and functionality. These are delivered in the form of commands, dialogs, panels, etc. These elements are documented and collated by editor. Use the following methods to locate information on a particular element:

  • Within the software, hover over a ribbon button, menu command, dialog, panel, or design object then press F1.
  • Within the documentation, use the navigation tree to the left of this page to browse for the documentation required across the various editors.
Within CircuitMaker, the F1 shortcut can be extremely helpful. Hover the mouse over anything inside CircuitMaker – a button, command, dialog, panel, or design object – then press F1 to access documentation for it. Also, if you are running a command, for example, placing a component and you are not sure how to rotate it, press Shift+F1 during placement for a list of command-dependent shortcuts.

Use the following set of links to quickly access specific areas of the resources-level documentation, which documents all elements of CircuitMaker's User Interface for the various editors that you'll be designing with: