Quick Routing Tools

The Quick Routing command (accessed from the main menu and the Active Bar) offers lighter routing with less settings and capabilities, suitable for simpler designs. Its general behavior and shortcuts is the same as the standard Interactive Routing command.

Capabilities include:

  • A number of routing modes, such as: stop at first obstacle, walkaround, and push and shove.
  • Powerful dragging capabilities that maintains track angles and orthogonality.
  • A loop removal feature that makes re-routing a quick and easy process.

The Quick Routing tool helps maximize routing efficiency and flexibility in an intuitive way, including following cursor path for laying route sections, single-click routing completion, pushing or walking around obstacles, and automatically following existing connections, all in accordance with applicable design rules.

This router is referred to as Quick because it offers a reduced feature-set. Features that are not included in the Quick Router include:

  • No turn smoothing
  • Little support for Any Angle routing
  • No pushing of T-junctions
  • Simple Push&Shove support
  • No Miter Ratio, Min Arc, or Pad Entry Stability
  • Simple Gloss Effort, with no support for Gloss Neighbor

If you need any of these features, use the Interactive Routing tool.

The PCB editor also includes the Quick Differential Pair Routing tool - learn more.

The following collapsible sections contain information about the Quick Interactive Routing options and controls available:


The features available depend on your level of Altium Designer Software Subscription.