Clone Project

Now reading version 20.0. For the latest, read: Clone Project for version 21

The Clone Project dialogThe Clone Project dialog


The Clone Project dialog is used to copy a managed project, which is then stored in a repository connected to a server. By default, the original project name will be used with the suffix ' - Copy'.


The dialog is accessed in the following ways:

  • Right-clicking on a managed project in the Projects panel, then selecting Clone Project from the context menu.
  • From the Explorer panel, select a project within the Projects folder, then select the Clone button located in the upper right area of the panel.
The project must be a managed one, that is, currently stored within a repository of a managed content server. Also, to have the command appear on the context menu, you must be actively signed into that server.
The cloned project will be made in the same design repository as the original – you cannot change this as part of the cloning process.


Simple Mode

  • Project Name - the name of the managed project.
  • Description - enter the desired description of the managed project.
  • Advanced / Simple- click to access the Advanced/Simple version of the dialog.

Advanced Mode

  • Folder - click the to open the Choose Folder dialog, which is a trimmed down version of the Explorer panel, where you may filter through various server folders. Select the folder in which you'd like the cloned project to reside, then click OK.
  • Local Storage - click the to select the field where you would like the project to be stored on your hard drive prior to its committal to the centralized Design Repository. The default location is defined in the System - Default Locations page of the Preferences dialog.
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