Build Macro Path

Now reading version 20.0. For the latest, read: Build Macro Path for version 22

The Build Macro Path dialog
The Build Macro Path dialog


The Build Macro Path dialog is used to create a file list entry using an assembled macro string.


The dialog is accessed by clicking the Add button in the Copy Files List Setup dialog.


  • [Project] (first field) - click to access a sub-menu to create the desired path:
    • [Project] - select to choose the Project itself; this will include only documents that have been added to the Altium Designer project.
    • [Project Dir] - select to choose the local directory that contains the project.
    • [Release Managed] - select to specify that the file source will be dynamically determined by the later project release process.
  • Subfolder (center field) - click to access a sub-menu to create the desired path:
    • Use base path – the file path is the source location, as defined in the initial option above.
    • Choose subfolder – the file path is a nominated subdirectory within the Source path. Directly enter a subfolder path or browse to and select a subfolder using the  button.
  • Filter (right field) - click to access a drop-down from where you can choose the desired file type extension or manually enter the desired extension.
  • Include Subfolders (doesn't matter for [Project] macro) – enable for the mask filter to apply (and therefore include) files in any subfolders.
  • Preserve Folder Structure – enable to ensure that the file source folder structure is retained when the Output generator is run.
Note that any files to be included must be located within the project or its host directory.
After creating the path, clicking OK will add the path and filter as an entry in the Copy Files List Setup dialog.
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