Automatching Items

Now reading version 20.0. For the latest, read: Automatching Items for version 21

The Automatching items dialogThe Automatching items dialog


The Automatching items dialog displays successful and unsuccessful matches between local and server components.


The dialog is accessed by clicking Automatch in the Item Manager dialog.

To access the dialog when automatching an individual component, right-click on the component entry in the Item Manager dialog then select Automatch from the context menu.


Grid Region

The dialog will indicate successful matches in green text and include a reference to the name of the successful Rule. The unsuccessful matches display in red text and a reference indicating the reason for the error or matching failure. Also note that any error will be shown in red text, including when a Rule detects more than one server Item (component) match. This conflict is regarded as an 'ambiguous' result and can be resolved in the Item Manager dialog.
  • Type - the type of item.
  • Designator - the designator of the item.
  • Name - the name of the item.
  • Comment - any comments about the item, e.g., description.
  • From - displays the source of the item.
  • State - displays Automatching Green Status Icon if matching was successful; displays Automatching Red Status Icon if matching was unsuccessful. 
  • State Notes - displays the reason (by rule) for the success or failure of the match.

Additional Controls 

  • Pause/Resume - click to pause the automatching process. This button is accessible only while the automatching process is still in progress. When in Pause mode, State Notes displays Search Pending for matches that have not yet taken place. When Resume is clicked (to resume the automatching process), the Search pending column will display the appropriate notes.
  • Auto apply if all success - when enabled, all are automatically applied if all matches are successful.
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