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Public Release Notes for Altium NEXUS Server

Created: November 18, 2021 | Updated: December 23, 2021

The following sections list the release notes for publicly released versions of Altium NEXUS Server 4.1.

Version 4.1.2

Build: 4 Date: 21 December 2021

Infrastructure & Administration

18870 Remove unused bin\elasticsearch-sql-cli-6.4.2.jar.
18800 Replaced usage of log4j v2.11 libraries with log4j v2.17 libraries.

Version 4.1.1

Build: 6 Date: 22 November 2021

Major Features

11434 Introduced support for change order when publishing project to an Arena PLM.
11540 Introduced support for change order when publishing project to a Teamcenter PLM.
11774 Introduced new permission, to enable task management by non-admin users.
12981 Added support for Windchill SSO for NEXUS PLM Integration.
13219 Added support for Part Choice propagation from Altium to PLM (as component attributes for all supported PLM, as AML for Arena and Aras).
13422 Added support for Aras PLM integration for component sync and workflow with PLM.
16977 The MCAD Collaboration service has been enhanced to store and provide information of accepted and rejected changes during MCAD collaboration.


9348 Improved component synchronization by ensuring that configuration change enforces trigger of full synchronization rather than incremental.
11933 Fixed issue where incremental component sync from PLM to Altium does not pull unreleased Arena items.
12256 Fixed issue where Agile component sync was limited to 10,000 components (for a component type).
12288 Optimized Windchill PartsLink component sync performance.
15340 Fixed issue where component synchronization fails for some non-US regional settings on Windchill server.
16122 Improved support for unit of measure attributes for Windchill classification attributes.
17443 Improved stability of Altium NEXUS to Siemens Teamcenter connection for PLM synchronization use-cases.


11850 Fixed issue where project creation workflow with network path in checkout path does not work.
13263 Fixed issue where the Request project creation process cannot start when "Project Name" variable is used in "Request project creation" element.
14146 Fixed issue where Project >> Activities page does not consistently list/start process.
16515 Fixed issue where multiple state changes cannot be implemented within a workflow.

Infrastructure & Administration

16771 Fixed issue where installation hangs in highly secured environment (failed service start and IIS binding creation).
16974 Fixed issue where Project History does not load in NEXUS when using an Oracle backend database.
17162 Removed case sensitivity check for user name when logging.
17165 Fixed issue where "Mechatronic 3D Models" folder (required for ECAD MCAD collaboration) was not created during "installation without sample data".
17420 Fixed issue where backup tool fails in specific Windows OS/Updates.


14560 Fixed issue within Project History where commit date/timestamps were incorrectly presented for some OS regional settings on server machine.
17098 Fixed issue where action buttons in the Project view of the Explorer panel do not work.
17284 Added additional options for MCAD component model naming during ECAD to MCAD Collaboration.
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