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現在、バージョン 1.1. をご覧頂いています。最新情報については、バージョン PCB_Dlg-UpdatePadViaFromLibraryForm((Update Pad or Via))_AD の 5 をご覧ください。

This documentation page references Altium NEXUS/NEXUS Client (part of the deployed NEXUS solution), which has been discontinued. All your PCB design, data management and collaboration needs can now be delivered by Altium Designer and a connected Altium 365 Workspace. Check out the FAQs page for more information.

The Update Pad or Via dialog
The Update Pad or Via dialog


This dialog allows you to update the Pad or Vias templates in the current design from their source. For example, in the case of a Pad that has been placed from a Pad Via Library template and the source Library template has been subsequently updated, the Update function will pull in those template changes to the PCB – updating all Pads that use the Library template. Use this dialog that lists the details of the detected change(s) that will be applied to configure the template update. 


From the PCB Pad Via Templates panel, click the Update button (located beneath the Local Pad & Via Library region of the panel).


Top Region

Three update options are offered by the dialog to control the update process:

  • Update locked objects – this will force a Pad/Via object’s template to be updated regardless of its Locked status.
  • Update free objects – update only Pad/Via templates that apply to free Pads and Vias.
  • Update component objects – update only Pad/Via templates that apply to the Pads and Vias used in components.

This synchronization behavior is established by the Library link property of Pads and Vias as seen in the Properties panel. An indication that differences exist between the local version of the template and the source template is provided in the Changed column of the Pads/Vias section in the Pad & Via Templates mode of the PCB panel.

Even if the template name has changed in the source Pad Via Library, the link to where it is applied to a Pad/Via in the PCB design is maintained by the template's GUID reference stored in the board design data.

Bottom Region

The bottom region of the dialog lists Pads/Vias to be updated. Information about each is listed including Type, Description, Library, Template, and Action. Additionally, you can select to mark each Pad/Via as Locked and/or In Component. When enabled, these options subject the object to controls in the top region of the dialog.

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