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Add FTP Publishing Destination

Created: 07.07.2022 | Updated: 07.07.2022
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The Add FTP Publishing Destination dialog
The Add FTP Publishing Destination dialog


Publishing Destinations offer the ability to publish release data for an Item Revision directly from a managed content server or Output Job to a storage space. This dialog allows you to connect to an FTP server for use as a publishing destination.


This dialog is accessed from the Data Management - Publishing Destinations page of the Preferences dialog. Click the Add Destination button then select FTP from the drop-down menu.


FTP Account

  • Server Name - enter the server name or select it from the drop-down.
  • User Name - enter your username or select it from the drop-down.
  • Password - enter the password required to access the FTP server.


  • Name - enter a meaningful name for the publishing destination.


  • Directory - click the  button to open the Choose a Folder in dialog then navigate to and select the desired folder.


  • Zip Content - check this option to publish data in a compressed format.
    • Use Password - check this option to require a password to extract content from the compressed file then enter the desired password in the text field below this option.
  • Present contents in a Html page - check this option to present contents in an HTML format.
  • Test Connection - after all of the FTP server information has been entered, click this option to ensure that the information has been entered correctly and the connection works.
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