Video Transcript
Clearly communicating
your design intent
through a netlist or
ECO can be a challenge,
and you're often left writing
up extra documentation
to explain how to constrain and
design the nets on your PCB.
Your layout designer needs
the most accurate information
available to clearly design a
board with your design intent
in mind.
And the last thing he wants
to realize as the board
layout nears completion is
a mislabeled clock line that
was incorrectly constrained.
Synchronizing the net colors
between your schematics
and PCB is a sure
fire way to ensure
that your design intent
is easily understood,
and that important nets can
be seen easily and addressed
With net color synchronization
and all team designer,
it's easier than ever to
accurately and consistently
document your schematic
and PCB layouts.
Effortlessly keep your
net color synchronized
between multiple schematic
sheets and your board layout
by assigning colors to nets that
sync across the entire project.
When it's time to move
on to your PCB layout,
syncing net colors with
your schematic is simple.
Instantly push nets and
associated colors to your board
layout in seconds
with a managed ECO
process that keeps
your design accurately
documented and understandable.

Net Color Synchronization

Ensure documentation accuracy and visual color notifications with net color synchronization between schematic design and the PCB layout. Instantly sync net colors to your board layout through a managed Engineering Change Order.