The Annotation section provides various annotation-related commands that allow you to specify the required method of positional annotation, reset designators in selected schematic sheets of a project, and reset only duplicate designators. You can only access the annotation-related commands through the Tools | Annotation grouping of the schematic editor's main ribbon menus.


The Annotate command launches the Annotate dialog which provides controls to specify the required method of positional annotation. As you select a method, the associated graphical representation dynamically updates to illustrate how the components will be annotated. Choose from the following methods of positional annotation:

Design Synchronization 

After specifying the order that components in the schematic sheet will be processed, select Ok from the Annotate dialog. If changes have been made, the Engineering Change Order dialog (ECO) will open. An ECO lists all modifications required to implement changes to one or more design documents in order to synchronize those documents.

ECOs are used to effect design updates in a variety of situations.  The software uses a comparator engine to compare all aspects of the design, detailing the output as a list of differences. The designer decides which side should change to resolve the differences, and a set of Engineering Change Orders (ECOs) is created. These are then applied, bringing the two sides of the design back in sync.

Reset All

The Reset All command is used to reset all designators in the schematic (that are not locked) to their default component prefixes, e.g., R?, C?, D?.

Reset Duplicates

The Reset Duplicates command allows you to reset only duplicate designators, rather than resetting all. If two or more components have the same designator, all but one will be reset to their default prefixes. An information dialog will present details of how many changes were made since the previous state and how many changes were made since the original state.

Note that any designators with a locked status will not be reset by the Reset All or Reset Duplicates commands.  If there are multiple locked designators that you wish to unlock, set the Selection Filter to Components (Home ribbon), select all components, and toggle the Designator Locked option in the Inspector panel (show image).
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