Activate Standalone License

Now reading version 18.1. For the latest, read: Activate Standalone License for version 21

The Activate Standalone License dialogThe Activate Standalone License dialog


If you are accessing your Standalone license for the very first time, or you have inadvertently deleted the license from your computer (and have no backup of the associated license file), you will need to activate (reactivate) the license. The Activate Standalone License dialog will enable a temporary connection with Altium, allowing you to sign in to your Altium account and activate/reactivate your Standalone License. Once successfully activated/reactivated, closing the dialog will place you back in a disconnected state.

See Standalone Licensing for more information.


The dialog is accessed by performing the following steps:

  1. Click the   drop-down then select License Management.  
  2. On the License Management page, click the Add standalone license file link.
  3. Click the Activate license link.
Users must be disconnected from Altium to access this dialog. To disconnect, click Account Preferences on the License Management page. Under the Altium Connection region of the System - Account Management page of the Preferences dialog, select No, I wish to remain disconnected from Altium. Click OK to save these settings and return to the License Management page.


  • I have read and understand the warning - enable the checkbox to confirm that you have read and understood the warning regarding a connection to Altium and the gathering of information about your PC hardware over the secure Altium portal.
  • Username - enter your username.
  • Password - enter your password.
  • Sign In - click to sign in once all the above information has been entered. The connection to Altium will be made and the Standalone License(s) that are available to you will be presented within the dialog. Select your license then click the Activate License link. Once activated, a confirmation dialog will appear to reflect successful activation. Click OK in the confirmation dialog, then click the Close & Sign Out button at the bottom of the dialog.
After closing and signing out of the Activate Standalone License dialog, click the Refresh link in the Available Licenses region of the License Management page to reflect your use of the Standalone License.
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