Data Link Properties

Now reading version 18.1. For the latest, read: Data Link Properties for version 21


The four tabs of the Data Link Properties dialog    The four tabs of the Data Link Properties dialog


The Data Link Properties dialog is used to rebuild the connection string to a database for the mapping of components' parameters. The information specified in a connection string may vary depending on the specified OLE DB provider. ​

The Connection, Advanced and All tabs change depending upon your selection in the Provider tab.


The dialog is accessed by clicking Build on the Connection tab of the Database Connection dialog (Tools » Database Connection) in a Database Editor (.SVNDbLib or .DbLib).


Provider Tab

This tab lists a selection of possible OLE DB providers. From the list, select the data to which you want to connect then click Next to make the Connection tab active.

Connection Tab

The information required for connection varies depending upon the provider selected on the Provider tab.

Use this tab to enter the name (including path) of the database to which you want to connect. Alternatively, use the browse button to open a dialog from where you can browse to and open the required file. If your database requires login permission enter the information as required.

Once link options have been defined you can check for successful connection by clicking on the Test Connection button. A successful connection will yield a confirmation dialog to that effect.

Advanced Tab

This tab includes advanced options such as Network settings and Access permissions

All Tab

This tab provides a summary of link options defined as well as extended options relating to the chosen OLE DB Provider. Options can be modified as required from this tab. Also displayed are the initialization properties for the type of data selected. To edit a value, select a property then click Edit Value to open the Edit Property Value dialog in which you can change the value.





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